Latest updates


16 Jan:
Itinerary for HR342 I Dolci uploaded.

13 Jan:
– Talk on Sailing in Scotland at Båtmässan, Gothenburg, Sweden on 4 February.


19 Dec:
– Schedule for boot Düsseldorf added under Events page

21 Nov:
Testimonial from Christel Schindler added on the Testimonial page.

16 Nov:
ISAF Safety Course in Bremerhaven updated with photos from recent course and with dates for next week-end course: 9-11 March 2018 and 9 – 11 November 2018. Contact me for signing up on this important course (held in German).

15 Nov:
Testimonial from Per Haraldsen added on the Testimonial page.

29 Sept:
Testimonial from Lorenzo Murzilli added on the Testimonial page

22 Sept:
Sneak Preview of planned refit work for 2017/18 found under Refit Page
Itinerary for 2018 revealed

22 Aug:
Testimonial from Marianne Karlsen added, sailing Leg 3-2017 in the English Channel as well as Leg 9-2017 crossing the Bay of Biscay
Testimonial from William Brochs-Haukedal added, sailing Leg 4-2017 in The Solent and passing his Yachtmaster in style
– Article in TWEED “Sailing for latecomers” (in German) on In the Press page

13 Aug:
– Despite a second Yachtmaster Theory course has been opened up due to high demand, only three places left altogether for the Yachtmaster Theory Course in Malta in March and April 2018! If you are interested in doing the course in great company and relaxed joyful atmosphere in sunny Malta, don’t hesitate!
Testimonial from Antje Paetzold added, sailing the all-women Leg 6-2017
Testimonial from Margret Waubke added, sailing the all-women Leg 7-2017
– Testimonial from Oriana Hering, sailing on the all-women Leg 7-2017,  on the main page of testimonials.

21 July:
–  Testimonial from Anna Lisa Dona added, sailing the all-women Leg 6-2017

5 July:
–  Testimonial from Christoffer Iveslätt added, sailing Leg 3-2017

3 July:
–  Testimonial from Dorothee Laxhuber added, sailing the all-women Leg 6-2017

29 Jun:
– Testimonial from Julie Kelleher added, sailing the all-women Leg 6-2017

31 May:
Living onboard Regina-Laska page updated with some more photos and text.

30 May:
Testimonial from Michael Eberhartinger added, sailing Leg 2-2017 (Yachtmaster Prep Course)
Testimonial from Denny Dhristochowitz added, sailing Leg 3-2017
Hall of Yachtmasters added with a photo and comment by Yachtaster Heinz

29 May:
– Two new Yachtmasters added to the Hall of Yachtmasters
– STCW Proficiency in Medical First Aid course in Malta (Easter 2018) added
ISAF Safety Course in German held in Bremerhaven (Nov 2017) added

24 May:
Testimonial from Achim Schindler added, sailing Leg 2-2017 (Yachtmaster Prep Course)

19 May:
– Picture of the gennaker added on Refit Year 5 Page

18 May:
Testimonial from Michel Leuenberger added, sailing Leg 2-2017 (Yachtmaster Prep Course)

16 May:
Testimonial from Jos Wammes added, sailing Leg 2-2017 (Yachtmaster Prep Course)

11 May:
– New Article in German YACHT on Press page about night navigation.

10 May:
– Four new Yachtmasters added under Hall of Yachtmasters. Congratulations! It was a great leg with a lot of hard work and fun together!
Yachtmaster Prep Course updated with many more photos and a more detailed description of a typical Yachtmaster Exam.

25 Apr:
– Refit year 5 page updated with photos from the cold shake-down cruise from Orust to Cuxhaven
– Beautifully refitted HR45 Ingrid Marie put up for sale

24 March:
– New electrical toaster and new gennaker added on Refit year 5 page

22 March:
Checking your diesel tanks added under Safety Issues
Checking your gas system added under Safety Issues
Refit year 5 added under Refit of Regina Laska page

16 March:
– – Refitting your Hallberg-Rassy updated with more photos

2 March:
Portrait article about Leon Schulz in Praktiskt Båtägande added on the Press Page (in Swedish)

22 Feb:
Testimonial by Stefan Graf zu Dohna added (Yachtmaster Theory on Malta)
Refitting your Hallberg-Rassy updated with loads of photos and links to Adams Boat Care
– Certificates of Competence added on Safety page
– With all legs for 2017 being fully booked since last summer, applications for 2018 are being considered in August 2017. If you are interested in joining on an RYA theory course in Malta or a sail training leg in 2018, please send us your (non-binding) interest during this spring.

21 Feb:
– – Testimonial by Esther Leuenberger added (Yachtmaster Theory on Malta)

2 Feb:
boot Düsseldorf 2017 Review added under News&Events.

31 Jan:
Light Design page updated with more examples, more explanations and a video on “before and after” of some boats.

19 Jan:
– My new book “Zu zweit an Bord” is now available for shipment at Amazon! I have personally not even seen it, yet, but look forward to seeing it (and you?) at boot Düsseldorf commencing tomorrow. Meet me on the Gotthardt Stand 11/D24 in Hall 11 every day at 17:00 or listen to my talks.

18 Jan:
– Information on YACHT Bluewater in Warenmünde in June added under News&Events.
Training Page rearranged und updated

17 Jan:
– Next Yachtmaster Theory course for 2018 announced. Please note that bookings are already coming in for this.
Testimonials put in reverse order, so that the newest testimonial shows at the top and the oldest at the bottom

16 Jan:
Testimonial by Achim Schindler added (Yachtmaster Theory on Malta)
Testimonial by Marianne Karlsen added (Yachtmaster Theory on Malta)
Testimonial by Christian Pukelsheim added (Yachtmaster Theory on Malta)

9 Jan:
Mia’s testimonial continued with “18 months later…”  at the end, with an e-mail from the Caribbean saying “…crossing the Atlantic is the best thing we could have done!!!”


20 Dec:
Article in Praktsikt Båtägande about blue-water sailing added on  Press Page.

15 Dec:
– Some information about my talks at boot Düsseldorf added on the Events page

13 Dec:
Article in YACHT about The Compass added on  Press Page.
– After several years of research, compiling and writing, the new book “Zu Zweit an Bord” is finally ready to be launched at boot Düsseldorf 2017!

23 Nov:
Hall of Yachtmasters added under the Yachtmaster Offshore Page

3 Nov:
– Reginasailing has now been recognised as an official RYA Shore-Based Training Centre in addition to its practical equivalent. Theory courses will be held in Malta, the first one specificially for German Speaking customers.

25 Oct:
– First pages of a new article in YACHT No 22-2016 added on Press Page. The entire issue can be ordered here.

20 Oct:
RYA Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster Theory course in Malta (January 2017) updated with prices and information about the venue, hotel, dinner, lunch etc.

6 Oct:
Testimonial by Irene Wiedswang added

5 Oct:
Testimonial from Laura Braive added

4 Oct:
– In order to increase sail training capacity, a HR342 sail training vessel has been added with its itinerary for 2017

2 Oct:
Testimonial from Esther Leuenberger added

29 Sept:
Itinerary for 2017 added

25 Sept:
– “Four months later…” added at the end of Ursula’s testimonial

15 Sept:
Testimonial from Nicole Wenning added

13 Sept:
– Brand new theory course in sunny Malta added on the  Training Page

24 August:
Testimonial from Michel Leuenberger added

16 August:
Testimonial from Markus Wratschko added

30 July:
Testimonial from Per Östgård added

23 July:
Testimonial from Patty Kingston added
Testimonial from Tom Kingston added

18 July:
Testimonial from Ross Moncrieff added

14 July:
Testimonial from Ludvig Olsson added

6 July:
– Testimonial from Axel Lindroth added
– Testimonial from Filip Nicklasson added
– Testimonial from Lorenzo Murzilli  added

23 June:
– First pages of the Article in YACHT No 13-2016 on Press Page. The entire issue can be ordered here.
Sailing on Regina Laska updated with photos and more text
MCA Safety Coding updated with more information

13 June:
Testimonial from Esther Manser added

10 June:
Testimonial from Juck Somsaman added

31 May:
– Testimonial from Heinz Galm added

27 May:
Testimonial from Anita De Bruycker added
Testimonial from Inger-Johanne Nedreaas Haukedal added
Testimonial from Ursula Scattolin added

13 May:
Testimonial from William Brochs-Haukedal added

7 May:
–  Mahina Tiare III page updated with ‘Commissioning’ at the end of the page.
Regina Refit year 4 added with a sample of improvements for 2016

5 May:
Testimonial from Ross Moncrieff added
Testimonial from Rüdiger Engel added

6 April:
– Blue Daisy might be up for sale. See here.

23 March:
STCW Safety Course added on Itinerary 2016 page

19 March:
– Tom Cunliffe’s new book “The Complete Ocean Skipper” (comprising a lot of photos from ReginaSailing) mentioned on the RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Page. Signed copies can be purchased until end of May from Tom directly here.

18 March:
–  Mahina Tiare III page updated with ‘Launch Day’ at the end of the page.

16 March:
–  Mahina Tiare III page updated with ‘Teakdeck laid’ at the end of the page.

27 Feb:
– New Testimonial by Bernie Kelleher, Abu Dhabi, re planning and equipping his boat posted on the Testimonial Page

24 Feb:
Mahina Tiare III page updated with ‘Mid Refit’ at the end of the page.

10 Feb:
– Information about new event YACHT Bluewater added onNews & Events Page
boot Düsseldorf page updated with pictures and photo album from 2016


4 Feb:
– New completely refitted HR42F added under HR’s for sale page

20 Jan:
– Stand added (Stand 15G21) for the SegelCenter on boot Düsseldorf page (it has moved into Hall15 compared to previous years).

15 Jan:
– Important safety issues updated with info about the exhaust elbow
– Question about ventilation added under Frequently Asked Questions


16 Dec:
– More talks added for boot Düsseldorf 2016, plus some minor amendments in time made

11 Dec:
News & Events Page updated with information on boot Düsseldorf 2016
– New page on Frequently Asked Questions on equipment added under Refitting Page

3 Dec:
– The story by Markus and Manuela added at the end with “Two months later…”
– Article in Yachting World/November added about Fair Isle under In the Press
– On special request I have re-uploaded my old technical articles originally written for my previous HR40 Regina on The Boat page, discussing power, batteries and communications.

27 Nov:
– The story by Kathi Huwiler updated at the end with “Two months later…”

25 Nov:
Article on sabbaticals in the German women’s magazine “Emotions” uploaded under In the Press.
– Leon takes over the moderation of the Hallberg-Rassy discussion group with over 600 Hallberg-Rassy owners as members. Thank you, Manlio, for moderating it for the past decade!

11 Nov:
– The story by Mia Write updated at the end with “Two months later…”

5 Nov:
– All berths for 2016 now fully booked except for one last place on the all-women sail training leg 15-2016. Please e-mail for your interest in joining in 2017.

4 Nov:
– The HR49 on HR’s for sale page now sold to one of my previous sail training guests

3 Nov:
The Books Page updated with the new paperback edition of “The Missing Centimetre”, now renamed to “Sabbatical at Sea” and re-designed to look like the German edition. Both the German and the English versions are now also available as Kindle-Edition.

13 Oct:
– Photo gallery on the Charter Page updated
– Photo gallery added on the About the Boat page
Testimonial from Esther Leuenberger added

29 Sept:
– A new HR46 with hardtop, three cabin layout and hydraulic furling will most likely come up for sale within shortly

23 Sept:
Itinerary for 2016 uploaded
Important safety issues added under Refitting your Hallberg-Rassy page

17 Sept:
A voice from a husband after his wife returned from the all-women sail training week Leg 15-2015

16 Sept:
– New story on a very charming new refit project of HR31 Geisha on the refit page
– New story on Adams Boat Care’s crayfish party under News&Events

14 Sept:
– Testimonial from Mia Wright added with her feelings about the women sailing week Leg 15-2015

1 Sept:
Testimonial from Kathi Huwiler added with her feelings about the women sailing week Leg 15-2015

24 Aug:
Testimonial from Juck Somsaman flying from Thailand to join Leg 11-2015 added

21 Aug
HR49 added under HR’s for sale

8 Aug
HR40 from 2010 added under HR’s for sale

23 July
Testimonial from Michel Leuenberger added with his description of Leg 11-2015

17 July
Testimonial from Eva Eberhartinger added

15 July
Testimonial from Daga Carapic added

12 July
Article by Tom Cunliffe (“great seamanship” series) added

8 July
Testimonial from Ludvig Olsson added

6 July
– Testimonial from Cyndy and Ross travelling half way around the world a second year in order to sail onboard Regina Laska
Testimonial from Esther Manser added

21 June
– A HR46 for sale added

20 June
– New service High-End Bare Boat Charter added to Reginasailing
– Price of HR43 for sale lowered to EUR 280,000

18 June
Testimonial from Markus Feldmann
Testimonial from Manuela Feldmann
– Testimonial from S/Y Anne on the Testimonial page
Testimonial from Per Östgård

10 June
– Testimonial from Kurt Cortier

1 June
Testimonial from Jenny Gloge

27 May
– Testimonial from Tobias Odenberger

7 May
– After a thorough assessment, Regina-Sailing has become an accredited RYA Training Centre
Sail training onboard Regina Laska has a new focus on RYA sail training
– Story on a typical Yachtmaster Prep course onboard Regina Laska added

4 May
Refit Part II added on Blue Daisy page
– Photos and more information added on HR43 for sale

28 Mar
Refit Year 3 added on Regina Laska page

15 Mar
– A quote from John Neal’s thoughts on refitting Mahina Tiare III posted on Mahina’s Page

10 Mar
– News revealed that Reginasailing has applied to become a recognised RYA Training Centre
– Information on Competent Crew, Day Skipper, Coastal Skipper, Yachtmaster Theory and Yachtmaster Practical added
– Announcing a planned new book on how to get your spouse onboard and requesting your story to share!
The Boat page updated with unbroken links
– Re-published and updated General Specification, Equipment and The Name page of Regina Laska

22 Feb
Leg 15-2015 updated with more information on the women sail training week

19 Feb
– A “ready-to-go-in-paradise” HR45 in Fiji added on HR’s for sale

11 Feb
– New Story: Some “home styling” by means of light resulted in immediate sale of a Shark 24

10 Feb
– New Story: HR46 Crow’s Nest 7

4 Feb
– A HR43 added on HR’s for sale

27 Jan
– Båtmässan 2015 in Gothenburg, Sweden, updated with times for the talks

26 Jan
Refit your Hallberg-Rassy re-written with information about the new premises of Adams Boat Care AB.

24 Jan

– This famous Hallberg-Rassy sails all the way from New Zealand to get her 190.000 miles refit


14 Dec

– At Båtmässan 2015 in Gothenburg, Sweden, Leon will hold a talk an refit as well as his popular talk on men and women sailing better as a couple

12 Dec

boot Düsseldorf 2015 updated with more talks: “Shet light on what really matters” in Refit Center

30 nov

boot Düsseldorf 2015

14 okt

– Itinerary for 2015 is finally here

07 okt

– Testimonial from Cyndy Moncrieff

Testimonial from Jörg Röver

6 okt

– A summary of 2014 year’s sail training

– One of the youngest HR40′s on the market for an extremely attractive price. This HR40 is of the modern design with LED navigational lights and the new flush-mounted cupboard doors not found on older HR40′s.

30 sept

Documentary on refit uploaded

Testimonial from Inger-Johanne N. Haukedal

16 sept

Shetland video from Tom added on Vimeo

5 sept

Testimonial from Cyndy and Ross from Australia

30 july

Testimonial from Anna Kawa

28 july

Testimonial from from a family that just returned from their sabbatical Atlantic cruising year after having read The Missing Centimetre

08 july

– Light Design page updated with 6 short videos in three languages where I explain how to design with light

07 july

Testimonial from Leg 1-2014

Testimonial from Leg 2-2014

05 june

– Yet another example of our “flying service”: The Hallberg-Rassy 43 SID

New story, Blue Daisy

28 may

– Video from Leg 2 uploaded on Vimeo

26 may

– You can now buy The Missing Centimetre on our webpage

12 may

– New lighting in HR342

Saida update

11 may

Trailers from Nautical Channel’s visit on Ellös

MCA Certificate added

21 mars

– Saida getting a new teak deck

13 Mars

– Nautical Channel on-site in Ellös

4 Mars

– Artur sees Blue Daisy for the first time

– Couple flying from Australia to sail on Regina Laska

27 Feb

– Great success at boot Düsseldorf

14 Jan

Testimonial from Alex

13 Jan

– A HR54 added on HR’s for sale

9 Jan

– Blue Daisy lifting day with surprises story added

19 Dec

– New HR46 refit project added, Blue Daisy

– Create space and atmosphere with Light design

10 Dec

– Two boats added under Hallberg-Rassy’s for sale – one HR39 and the popular HR46

– boot Düsseldorf page updated with the time schedule in the Refit Centre

27 Nov

– Page on boot Düsseldorf updated

25 Nov

– HR’s with hardtop are sought-after and not easy to find. An inexpensive HR43, perfect for a refit is for sale.

18 Nov

– Some comments on the observed LED lighting development picked up at the Hanseboot 2013 boat show

– I also held talks about women and sailing at Hanseboot 2013

5 Nov

– New book in German about sabbaticals with one chapter written by Leon Schulz

23 Oct

– HR40 Iris under Hallberg-Rassy’s for sale was sold within two weeks after having put her up on

15 Oct

– Itinerary for 2014 published

11 Oct

– Article Part 2 New for old in Yachting World September 2013 added

06 Oct
– During the entire week of boot Düsseldorf from 18 – 26 January 2014, I will be present.
– Interboot Friedrichshafen, September 2013. Refit is what everybody is talking about.

22 Sept
– New refit project started – Saida HR312

15 Sept
HR’s for sale page added

8 Sept
– Redesigned homepage, with the same information as before
– Two new feed-backs on the testimonial page

27 Aug
– Many visited Regina Laska at Open Yard 2013.

10 Aug
– Page on boat shows updated with Öppna Varv and Interboot Friedrichshafen.

3 July
– One more Testimonial added on the Sail Training page

15 June
Photos of the readily refurbished boat added on Regina Laska’s page

27 May
– Photos of the Hanseboot Ancora boatshow added

21 May
Regina Laska used for marketing updated with photos from shooting an educational video on Regina Laska’s page

16 May
Regina Laska used for marketing added on Regina Laska’s page

3 May
– Regina Laska is launched and looks beautiful! See you at Ancora Boatshow in May
– The HR45 is sold. Congratulations to the new owners!
– Story on Fixing the Hull added on Regina Laska’s page

4 Mar
Refurbishing the Hardtop added on Regina Laska’s page

11 Feb
The Engine Room added on Regina Laska’s page

11 Jan
– Page on boat shows updated with participation on Talk Show for TV (Nautical Channel)

8 Jan
– Page on boat shows updated with more talks at boot Düsseldorf (now 34 in total!)

7 Jan
Refit management updated with Mr Wakau flying from Japan in order to see Regina Laska