The least expensive HR48 I have seen to date.


The price difference between a used HR46 and a used HR48 has almost been double, with a HR46 roughly around 250.000 – 350.000 EUR and a HR48 around 550.000 – 650.000 EUR. (Obviously, the price varies depending on condition, and if she has been refitted or not.)


The main reason for the discrepancy has been that HR48’s have been considered to be fairly new, while HR46’s have often been used significantly before they come onto the market. Also, the HR48 is a more modern boat, has a wider stern, sails faster and has a draft of 2.35m (the HR46 has 1.88m). A HR48 has not been seen necessary to refit, while a HR46 is now becoming timely for a refit. For these reasons a significantly higher price for a HR48 has been accepted.


However, also HR48 are getting old now with the oldest now being 8 years of age. Refitting a HR48 is sooner or later also becoming an issue.


I thus see a trend that the prices for these two boats are getting closer, possibly also due to the fact that Hallberg-Rassy recently have launched a HR48 MkII with a more trendy look with a new style of windscreen and pulpits, large windows (that cannot be opened, unfortunately) and windows in the hull replacing cupboards in the salon and in the aft cabin. The windows and the white hull sides (where the cupboards are lacking) give a lighter, airier feel which looks very attractive to the eye. Two extra opening portlights on the HR48MkII facing aft into the cockpit are said to compensate for the fact that salon windows are no longer openable and the new watertight Air-Only vents the coach roof (which are not quite as effective as traditional Dorades). For sure, this is a sexy new Hallberg-Rassy! But for serious blue-water cruising, I must admit I prefer the Mk1 with more cupboards and windows that can be opened.


With the HR48 Mk1 coming down in price now, the HR48 could become an alternative to boatowners otherwise interested in buying a HR46. After the publicity from Regina Laska, I have heard that the number of used HR46’s on the market has suddenly become very limited.


This HR48 Mk1 I have found is from 2006 and has sailed around the world and has thus been significantly used. A certain face-lift and maintenance programme would be appropriate for the new owner in any case. It has been used for blue-water sailing and is equipped accordingly, e.g. double autopilots, watermaker, etc. She could be used with some touch-ups as she is, or, preferably, be refitted to any desired standard. The good thing with this HR48 is that she has the traditional wiring (no bus-system), so an electric refit can be done more easily.


I have personally not seen this boat, but it is to my knowledge the HR48 with the lowest asking price to date: 440.000 EUR.


The information is according to the broker. Please send me an e-mail to leon(at) in order to get in touch with the broker, to see the boat or to discuss a refit project of the same.