Washer on Mamba Steering


Alfred from Göteborgs Båtelektriska made me aware of a possible weakness on a Hallberg-Rassy 46 and possibly others.

I checked on mine and sure enough I had the same problem!

The upper and lower bolts of the ball-joint on the steering arm between the steering gearbox and the rudder shaft had a too small/thin washers. A new special thick washer needs to be made, so you don’t loose steerage. If you own a Hallberg-Rassy with a Mamba-Drive, I suggest you check that washer on your steering! If your washer is too small, the arm risks to jump off and you loose your steering!


This thin is how my old washer looked. I have seen other HR46’s where the development has gone even further!

The bent washer of another HR46 which has been eating itself into the bolt.

Fotos sent by Båtelektriska in Gothenburg of another HR46, where the washer is far to thin and which could leave the steering arm jumping out of its position.




New specially thick and sturdy washer installed, that cannot bend or be eaten up!