Alexander Tarakhovsky

There are travels and they are THE travels.

My wife Anne and I are avid world travellers, with a passion for adventure, solitude and connection to the Universe. We have been to 100+ countries, spent a couple of million of  air miles and walk/ski  several  thousand miles across various terrains.

Our trip  across the Irish Sea with Leon on Regina Laska stands out. Leon has added a new dimension to our life-passion for sailing.  Our time on Regina Laska was more like a space travel with the most charismatic and engaging captain.

We wish we could just keep sailing!


Chilling on aft deck with my wife Anne.


Who is the smartest of us to understand how to use this highly sophisticated egg opener? On Regina Laska you don’t just open with a spoon or a knife, you see! Rather, one uses a gravitation device creating a circular predetermined breaking point… For a professor in neuroscience at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine (my wife Anne) and a professor of Immunology at The Rockefeller University (me), this was not an easy task to open an egg for breakfast. But it was highly entertaining, I can tell!


My wife Anne and me enjoying the view from St Mary in Scilly Islands.


All our theory knowledge we had gained on the Yachtmaster Theory Course in Malta earlier this year came in handy when we now did hands-on tidal calculations onboard in real life.


Evening dinner onboard Regina Laska.


Finally, in Ireland, we got some rain! We had brought two sets of foul weather gear, to be on the safe side in this climate: or standard BR2 we normally use in New York plus our brand new MPX we had bought in Malta explicitly for this trip. Better safe than sorry! Of course, this was overkill! Little did we know that we would get sunshine and weak winds almost every day. But here, in Cork, we could finally test them while doing berthing exercises in Cosshaven.


Berthing exercises at the Royal Cork Yacht Club.


Having fun berthing: Handing over the line, which seems easier than lassoing! :-)


Even more comfy berthing technique: Using the stairs! :-)


Sunshine again! Ireland is a great cruising ground!


Finally I got my Vodka Martini in Kinsale. It was almost perfect (I normally take three olives…)


Cozy night in Regina Laska’s cockpit with my very happy wife!



Alexander Tarakhovsky, New York, USA, X-38 owner, sailing leg 3-2018 from Lymington/The Solent/UK via Scilly Islands to Kinsale/Ireland.