Leg 12/2014

17 – 30 August 2014 Ystad – Stockholm, 500 nm


Two weeks in the Baltic.1

This two-week leg will allow us to visit small coastal towns as well as explore the beautiful archipelago with its thousands and thousands of islands and deserted anchorages. Nature will guide us through picturesque islands until we arrive in the capital of Sweden: Stockholm.Following the Swedish east coast northbound starting from Ystad close to Malmö, means we are sailing on the leeward side of mainland Sweden. Winds, predominantly blowing from south-west, will most probably give us a pleasant ride without any stronger gale forces or high waves. The lack of tides allows us to sail any time of the day (or night for that sake). We can alter between sailing inshore in the archipelago, which starts already north or Öland, or – weather permitting – hop over to the medieval island of Gotland, which is situated in the middle of the Baltic Sea.

This trip is ideal for families or sailors who wish to combine milage building with pleasant shore-based day-sailing. We will have ample time to practice boat handling, anchoring and non-tidal navigation.

Price: 9,800 EUR for up to 4 guests.