An impression of the Reginasailing atmosphere

Crosing Bay of Biscay, 3.5 days of gale headwinds

Short video impression of Azores-Portugal (no spoken text)

Gaby's ocean sailing impressions (in German)

4 min inspiring Ocean Sailing - navigating by Sextant

Having fun dingy sailing between charter legs

Sailing to the Azores using celestial navigation

GERMAN: Introducing new book at boot 2023

Sailing in Galicia (by Julio Verne Náutica)

GERMAN: Zu den Atlantischen Inseln (2021)

ENGLISH: Cruising the Atlantic coast and islands (2021)

Leon picking up guests for crayfish party onboard.

Regina Laska to Fair Isle (2018)

Reginasailing Liferaft training (2018)

Regina Laska to Shetland (2014)

Regina Laska to Shetland (2013)

The Missing Centimetre (2006)

Sabbatical auf See (2006)

Båtsystem's ad for Regina Laska's sauna