There is nothing like a moving picture!

A collection of some videos taken throughout the years on various Reginasailing legs or trainings  


Celestial Navigation

Take the full and completely free Reginasailing celestial navigation course. See how to use the very helpful Reginasailing templates. Prepare for your Yachtmaster Ocean Exam. Or just take the short course for Sun-Run-Sun navigation.

Get you sextant out and use it!
It's both fun and part of true seamanship tradition!

Tidal Sailing

See how easy it is to use the Reginasailing templates gathering all tidal calculation on one single A4 sheet!

Reginasailing Impressions

See videos giving some impressions of the Reginasailing atmosphere

Hands-On How-To Videos

See how it is done on Regina Laska, some experiences and tipps and tricks.

Jessica & Leonie auf Törn" (in German)

See Jessica and Leonie who made a couple of videos while sailing on Regina Laska during their vacation, which have also been published on YACHT-TV.