Coastal and Offshore Sail Training for both newcomers and experienced sailors

“If you wish to build a ship, do not divide the men into teams and send them to the forest to cut wood.

Instead, teach them to long for the vast and endless sea.” 

(Antoine de Saint-Exupéry).



Adoring Hallberg-Rassy boats? Wishing to extend your sailing skills in extraordinary cruising grounds? Getting prepared for the RYA Yachtmaster Offshore exam?


  • All sail training legs are different: From complete beginners to experienced sailors

  • Learn from an experienced RYA Yachtmaster Instructor

  • All-women legs available to learn without any stress

  • Special tidal water training legs

  • Complete preparation for the RYA Yachtmaster Offshore exam available

  • Enjoy one of the finest and most refitted classic Hallberg-Rassy yachts

  • Explore stunning cruising grounds you normally would not get to easily

  • Enjoy the relaxed learning atmosphere and build your self-confidence in your own pace   

  • Ask as many questions as you wish   

  • Trust the safety of an annually refitted commercially coded 48 foot sailing boat

  • Share the comfort and space with no more than 3 other guests 

  • Crews are carefully chosen; like-minded guests share the same legs, similar dreams, values and expectations
    (no ‘first come-first serve’ booking mentality) 

  • Applications welcome all year round,
    while during summers the crew-oriented itinerary is planned for the forthcoming year

Coastal and Offshore Theory Course

Combine holiday in sunny Malta with learning all theory you need for coastal sailing and tidal waters.
– 6 days course in a 5-star hotel
– Optional: Do the Yachtmaster Offshore assessments
– Unique, friendly Reginasailing learning atmosphere
– Optional for German sailors: Get prepared before the course by reading "Praxisguide Fahrtensegeln"
– Learn from an author of books in seamanship
– Get rewarded by your Yachtmaster Shore-based Theory Certificate.
Read more about the theory course.

Coastal Sail Training

Stress-free sail training in sheltered waters with the occasional feeling of the ocean swell.
– Practice basics from boat handling to sail trim and safety
– Highly guest oriented training where you set the pace
– Questions of all sorts and numbers are welcome
– Enjoy outstanding cruising grounds, nature and restaurants
– Crews are put together depending on your background and expectations.
– Never more than 4 guests on the same leg
Click here to read more about practical coastal sail training

Offshore Sail Training

Get the true offshore experience by sailing to new, unknown destinations.
– Sophisticated weather briefing
– Get involved in planning the passage
– Take turns skippering under supervision
– Includes also longer sailing days, passing TSS or heavy traffic
– May involve sailing through a night
– Heavy weather tactics
– Get prepared for the RYA Yachtmaster Offshore exam
Click here to read about offshore sail training

All women sail training

Building self-confidence in an environment, where typical female needs are being catered for.
– Cover subjects that matter to you
– Take your time to first watch, understand and ask
– Try out new tasks with a coaching support
– Avoid any feeling of standing in someone's shade
– Learn to question things and actively take your own decisions
– Discover aspects you might not have though of before
Click here to read what to expect onboard

Your instructor and the values

What makes Reginasailing so special for Sail Training? What is meant by "Cruising in Safety, Comfort and Style"?
– The pleasure of learning in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere
– Understanding the background and the "why" we do what
– Professionally organised; with heart and emotions
– Investing in the boat, skipper and crew
– The feeling of sailing with an experienced instructor who cares
Click here to read about the learning methods an living qualities

The Boat and the treatment

What makes Regina Laska so special? How is she treated and refitted ever year? What safety systems are onboard?
–Equipped for sailing in safety, comfort and style
– Fulfils the stringent rules of a commercial vessel
– Classed by the MCA for Area-1 offshore sailing
– Follow the annual refits where no cost is spared
– Get answers to frequently asked questions
Click here to read about the Regina Laska story


Check the sailing leg that suits you. See the most current itinerary for next year as well as links to previous legs. If you are interested in future legs, contact us!
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Tidal Templates

The popular Reginasailing templates for Tidal Calculations are now published by Cassens&Plath and can be bought in their Webshop. Get your 10% discount by using "Reginasailing10" as your discount code.


For the Hall of Yachtmasters see here

Sailtraining Books

Thanks to a co-operation between and Reginasailing, Friends of the Reginasailing family enjoy a 10% discount on books and sextants.
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Prosailing Malta

Take your RYA Day Skipper (theory and practical) and other RYA power and sailing courses in sunny Malta with the excellent RYA Training Centre Prosailing Malta.
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