In the press


It is a joy and great honour to us, when others like what we write. Each time I get surprised by the positive feed-back we tend to receive from all corners of the world, through e-mails or personally. One time, a, for me, unknown person came straight to me at a boat show saying “Leon?! – Oh, it feels as if I know you so well, while you certainly don’t know me…” True, and a strange feeling for me. This became a nice meeting nevertheless, just as we have made numerous new friends through our web-site.
I feel happy to have inspired others by our writing, resulting from our family sailing adventures, or when I can assist our new friends in choosing the right gear for them.


I take a pride in that we have also been contacted by some publishers throughout, who have requested to publish an article from us.



Below some published articles.

German magazine YACHT No 24-2023

Celestial Navigation and New Templates

Click here to read about the principles of celestial navigation and here to read about the new Reginasailing Templates for celestial navigation (both online by YACHT) or click on the image above for a PDF, or buy a print version of Issue 24-2023 in your local store, if you are not a subscriber already. In German.

German magazine YACHT No 20-2023


Click here to read about how I secure my boat for an upcoming gale in a marina (online by YACHT) or click on the image above for a PDF, or buy a print version of Issue 20-2023 in your local store, if you are not a subscriber already. In German.

German magazine YACHT No 10-2023


Click here to read about one of my favourite cruising areas (online by YACHT) or click on the image above for a PDF, or buy a print version of Issue 10-2023 in your local store, if you are not a subscriber already. In German.

German magazine YACHT No 7-2021


After many seasons sailing in Ireland, I give my personal impressions on sailing the beautiful south-west coast of this island on the doorstep to the Atlantic. In German.

German magazine YACHT No 7-2021

Modern Radars

Modern radars give a crystal clear picture of the surrounding with impressive beam widths and features, normally only found on big ships. (Yet, it takes some skills to interpret a Radar and hence it's a major part of the sail training onboard Regina Laska). In German.

German magazine YACHT No 14-2020

West coast of Sweden

Having been brought up in Bohuslän in the western Swedish archipelago, I here share my own personal favourites along the coast between Gothenburg and Norway. In German.

German magazine YACHT No 7-2020

Lithium or Lead-Acid batteries?

How to choose AGM or Lithium batteries, how large should the battery bank be and how do Lithium differ from Lead-Acid batteries such as AGM for a boat owner. In German.

German magazine YACHT No 3-2020

Isles of Scilly

Our holiday cruise to the Isles of Scilly turned into an article in Yacht describing these beautiful islands, especially during the fantastic weather we had last year! In German.

German magazine YACHT No 25-2019

Chart Datum

The Chart datum is the zero level when defining water depth and clearance under bridges. The article is about how the chart datum is changing over time and differs between countries, even between different charts covering the same area. In German.

German magazine YACHT No 18-2019

RYA Yachtmaster

This article by editor-in-chief Jochen Rieker describes the differences between the German and RYA certificates. Jochen took his Yachtmaster Offshore on Regina Laska and writes about his Reginasailing experiences. In German.

German magazine YACHT No 7-2019

Sailing as a couple

This article is giving tips and experiences on sailing as a couple. Gaby is quoted as one of several experts when it comes to finding joy when sailing double-handed as spouses. In German.

German magazine YACHT No 7-2019

Brushing up your navigation

After the winter season, it might be a good idea to look at your navigational skills. In this issue of YACHT, I explain the pitfalls of navigation and what to think of before your first leg of the season. In German.

German magazine YACHT No 8-2019

Fire safety with Lithium Batteries

More and more boat owners install Lithium batteries, but not many think of the fact that fire fighting changes with Lithium. I therefore wrote an article in Yacht to explain the importance to understand Lithium fire. This is also why I have installed a LithEx fire-extinguisher onboard Regina Laska, now carrying 8 extinguishers onboard.

German magazine YACHT No 8-2019

Begin to sail in your "Golden Age"

Many thing of sailing when they're over 50 years old but don't know how to begin. The issue is about sail training when you have the time and money for it. Reginasailing is featured as one possible way to begin sailing in safety, comfort and style, no matter what the age (the article is not written by myself, I must add).

Der Literarische Segelkalender 2019

Quotes by Bluewater sailors

A nice calendar for 2019 with quotes by famous German bluewater sailors, expressing their love for sailing in a compact sentence - one for every week. A must have for any German speaking dreamer! Click here to se quotes by Leon & Gaby

UK magazine SAILING TODAY No 10-2019

LED there be light

A hands-on testimonial by editor in chief Sam Fortescue how he experienced changing the interior lighting in his 30 years old Sadler 34 from halogen to modern state-of-the art Båtsystem LED lights. Photos of Regina Laska.

German magazine YACHT No 1-2019

50 years of boot Düsseldorf

Featuring 50 international personalities who have influenced watersports during the last 50 years: From Mark Twain and Hamphrey Bogart via Laura Dekker to Wilfried Erdmann and Rolf Vrolijk. Guess my surprise, when I was featured as one of them who have helped many to fulfil their sailing dreams...! It took a while to overcome the embarrassment to post it here. But I'm a bit proud as well... (p. 48 in German).

German magazine TWEED No 3-2017

Sailing schools for latecomers

Sailing can be begun at any age and many discover the freedom and fulfilment of sailing rather late in life. There is no reason why age should hinder you to start sailing and there are sailing schools targeting students valuing Safety, Comfort and Style (in German).

German magazine Yacht No 11-2017

Night Navigation

Sailing during night can feel daunting, but if you take it step by step and learn some basics, it can be a great experience (in German).

Swedish magazine Praktiskt Båtägande No 1-2017

Portrait of Leon Schulz

On a fine September's day last year while berthed in Gothenburg, I was visited by a journalist from Sweden's biggest selling yachting magazine asking if he could do a portrait story of me. I agreed, and this is the outcome... (in Swedish)

German magazine Yacht No 1 2017

The Compass

The good old magnetic compass. Background, usage as well as tipps and tricks how to get the most out of your most essential and oldest mean of navigation (In German).

Swedish magazine Praktiskt Båtägande No 12-2016

Segla bortom Horisonten

Blue-water special edition. Leon is being interviewed about what really matters when you plan your ocean voyage or sabbatical. Experience, the boat and its equipment. What makes a crew and boat suitable for blue-water sailing? In Swedish.

German magazine Yacht No 22 2016

Astro Navigation

Navigating with the sextant by hand by means of tables - the principles (In German).

German magazine Yacht No 13 2016


What the crew needs to know before it casts of for a sabbatical (In German).

Yachting World No 11 2015

Fair Isle

It took two summers for me to get a true Fair Isle from Fair Isle, the island between Orkney and Shetland so famous for their sweaters. The article is about living on an island and its people.

Yachting World No 8 2015

Tom Cunliffe: A change of course

In his series about "great seamanship", Tom Cunliffe reviews The Missing Centimetre, which is to be published in its second edition by Delius Klasing Verlag under the name of "Sabbatical at Sea" in the autumn of 2015

Das Frauenmagazin Emotions Sept 2015

World Wide weg

Being interviewed for the German women's magazine EMOTIONS, talking about the possibility, background and the feeling of taking a sabbatical in life, in this case on a sailing boat.

Yachting World No 8 2013


In the first of this two-part series, Leon Schulz describes how refitting a second-handl hallberg-Rassy 46 gave him a yacht just as good as new, but at about half the cost, and he explains how to choose a boat with an eye to long-term investment

Yachting World No 9 2013

Part 2 New for old

In the second part of his description of a major refit of a secondhand Hallberg-Rassy 46, Leon Schulz gets down to the nittygritty of the work done and how much it all cost

På Kryss No 3 2013


När våren står inom räckhåll och seglingsdrömmarna väcks till liv kan man lätt känna suget efter att byta till en ny båt. Men även om Blocket är fullt av åtråvärda båtar är det nu ett ypperligt läge att istället renovera sin egen klenod

På Kryss No 3 2011

Knivig Yachtmaster

Why more and more sailors opt for the RYA Yachtmaster (in Swedish)

På Kryss No 2 2010

Vikingarnas Shetland

På lagom långt avstånd från Norge eller Skottland ligger ögruppen Shetland som var populärt resmål redan under vikingatiden

Yachting World No 11 2011

Gales and guinness

When a Force 9 gale slammed into their bay, Leon Schulz and his family wondered why they had turned left instead of right in southern Ireland. The answer was that the west coast was an adventure, a place of rugged scenery, birds and dolphins and a warm welcome in every tiny pub

Yachting World No 9 2010

A summer in Shetland

The Shetland Islands promise dramatic scenery, Norse history, fantastic wildlife, great music and wonderful, enterprising people. Leon Shulz meets a few of them as he cruises in the wake of the Vikings

Yachting World No 8 2010

Bringing a Cruise to a Book

How do you go about sharing your memories of a once-in-a-lifetime cruise in a lasting and valuable way? why not publish a book? Leon Schulz describes how he did just that and offers some tips

På Kryss No 1 2010

Författare som lyckades

What makes an author successful (in Swedish)

Cruising World No 9 2009

Wilting in the Bed of Roses

When a skeptic calls for clarification, this sailor paints a warts-and-all portrait of the cruising lifestyle

Oceanseglaren No 2 2008

Min plats på jorden

Why Jessica, 13 years old, finds that the ocean is her home.

Cruising World No 12 2007

Passing the Baton on the Bay of Biscay

Crossing the Bay of Biscay for the first time.

Segling No 8 2007

Behåll spänningen ombord

Calibrating your battery monitoring system (in Swedish).

HR News No 12 2006

Blue Water Sailing with HR40 Regina

Family sailing on a Hallberg-Rassy 40.

Segling No 8 2006


What sat phone systems are available today (in Swedish).

Segling No 6 2006

Kommunikation för offshore segling

What best marine communication to choose for offshore sailing (in Swedish).

Oceanseglaren No 3 2006

Tryggheten i det föränderliga

Why ocean sailing made it easier to live in an ever changing life (in Swedish).

Segling No 3 2006

Kommunikation för kustnära farvatten

What is the best marine communication for coastal sailing (in Swedish).

Segling No 2 2006

Från morse till väderfiler

The development from morse to satellite communication for ocean sailing (in Swedish).

Der Tilemann 2005

Das schwimmende Klassenzimmer

Home schooling as an alternative to traditional German schooling system (in German).

Segling No 4 2004

Blodigt allvar - på låtsas

How we underwent a safety training by the German Navy before casting off on our sabbatical (in Swedish).

Flaskposten No 3 2002

My life's goal

Interview by Hallberg-Rassy after having taken delivery of a new HR40 (in Swedish).

Flaskposten No 3 2002

Tänk Säkerhet

How we joined a safety training course before our Caribbean sabbatical (in Swedish).

Segling No 4 2000

Sov gott med lagom blandning

Why you need the correct mix of cotton and nylon to feel well onboard (in Swedish).

Segling No 8 1996

Istället för Pekbok

Jessica, 2 years old, prefers a sailing magazine to her picture books (in Swedish).