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30 Aug:
–  Crew’s Log added with the story of Silke Helmenstein.

28 Aug:
–  Crew’s Log added with the story of Tom Kingston.

27 Aug:
Crew’s Log added with the story of Ludwig Obermeier.

19 Aug:
– Starting page now with video at the top, sailing in the Irish Sea.

16 July:
– Dates for the RYA Yachtmaster Ocean published on Ocean Page,namely 23-27 March 2020.

9 July:
– Four new RYA Yachtmasters added on Hall of Yachtmasters page

3 July:
– First Whitbread around the World sailor (1973), Cap Hornier and RYA Yachtmaster Offshore and Ocean examiner Allan Hogton added on Crew’s Log page.

22 June:
Adding two patches onto my RIB added under Frequently Asked Questions 
– Some recent photos of Blue Daisy added on the Blue Daisy for sale page
– A new Dräger PARAT 5520 fire gas mask added under Refit year 7 and on Equipment list.
– Two articles from YACHT No 7-2019 added on In the Press page. One article about brushing up your navigational skills and the other one about tips when sailing as a couple. Both in German.

15 June:
– Some existing videos also posted in the Video-room since sailors did not find the videos under the FAQ-page, where they still are as well. 

14 June:
Lorenzo’s story added on the Crew’s Log page
Makoto Fujimoto’s story added on the Crew’s Log page

13 June:
Anna and Achim Helmenstein story from 2018 uploaded on the Crew’s Log page
Christoph Lussi’s story added on the Crew’s Log page
– Article in YACHT on Fire Safety onboard if you have Lithium batteries onboard uploaded (in German). 
Reginasailing Friendship meeting at second boot Düsseldorf Saturday night, 25 January 2020 added on News&Event Page

6 June:
–  Refit year 7 updated with a brand new type of fire-extinguisher containing the new fire fighting medium AVD for Lithium fires. 
– An article (not written by me) in Yacht No 8-2019 features Reginasailing as a way to learn sailing in the “golden age”, i.e. over 50. Uploaded on In The Press page.

4 Jun:
– The Safety Policy page updated with photos of the two reports of my 2019 inspections by RYA and MCA:
   The RYA says: “Overall very good administration throughout. Very good inspection. One of the best equipped yachts I have seen. Nil defects“.
   The MCA says: “Nil defects or shortcoming.”
 It’s hard work, but Regina Laska and the safety and comfort offered for my guests is paramount for Reginasailing! 

29 May:
– Three new proud Yachtmasters added on Hall of Yachtmasters page, including a photo of the track they did with Regina Laska after they had passed their exams.
– Testimonials-page renamed to “Crew’s Log” to indicate that this is the crew’s own personal description of their legs onboard.

15 May:
Testimonial from Jenny Schulz added on Testimonial Page 
Testimonial from Simone and Markus added on Testimonial Page 
– New Spa-like shower heads have been added to Refit year and the Living onboard page.
– New video on downwind sailing on Regina Laska added as a videoblog under Frequently Asked Questions 

14 May:
Testimonial from Torsten Lange added on Testimonial Page 

13 May:
How to set the anchor alarm with the Furuno GP33 explained under FAQ
Refit year 7 updated with a lot of new Furuno-stuff, e.g. a new SC33 combining GPS with GLONASS an Galileo as well as a new FI70 instrument series plus NMEA2000 updates. 
Testimonial from Arne Odden added on Testimonial Page

28 Apr:
Refit year 7 updated with many new photos of the outcome onboard Regina Laska 

15 Apr:
– Price of HR46 Blue Daisy  now lowered to EUR 425,000.

13 Apr:
Testimonial from Christoph Lussi added on Testimonial Page as well as on Yachtmaster Theory Course page i Malta.

11 Apr:
Testimonial from Jake Adam added on Testimonial Page as well as on Yachtmaster Theory Course page i Malta.


10 Apr:
– How to install running backstays on a sailing boat added as a videoblog under Frequently Asked Questions 

9 Apr:
– How to replace the Hammar Hydrostatic Release Unit added as a videoblog under Frequently Asked Questions 

3 Apr:
Yachtmaster Theory Course in Malta updated with photos from 2019 and info re March 2020.

21 Mar:
Bye, bye Yuana added on the on the Testimonial Page

20 Mar:
Question on Swivel answered under FAQ

21 Feb:
– Page on RYA Yachtmaster Ocean completely revised and updated for the 2020 course

8 Feb:
– Der Literarische Segelkalender 2019 added on In the Press Page

31 Jan:
– Page on Yachtmaster books and syllabus totally revised 

30 Jan:
– New article of LED lights in UK magazine Sailing Today added on In the Press page

11 Jan:
– Båtsystem’s advertisement for Regina Laska’s onboard steam spa sauna added in the video room 
– Refit Year 7 page added with photos of new washing machine, new 12V battery and leaking generator oil gasket. Adams Boat Care is working on Regina Laska to get ready for the new season! 

10 Jan:
Testimonial from Achim Helmenstein added on Testimonial Page as well as on Yachtmaster Theory Course page i Malta.

9 Jan:
– Leon picking up guests for crayfish party added in the Video Room.

8 Jan:
30 years Mahina Expeditions added under News

7 Jan:
– New rudder bearing added at the top of the Refit Year 7 page 
Reginasailing Sea Survival Training in cooperation with SailPartner updated with exact dates (8-10 Nov 2019) and price (same as in 2018: 495 EUR). This is a really good course for all, who understand German!


31 Dec:
Meet the Reginasailing Family at boot Düsseldorf each Day after 17:00 on Gotthardt’s stand D24 in Hall 11!

23 Dec:
– Link to Tom Cunliffe’s Video Blogs in the Video Room

21 Dec:
– Broken link fixed to 50 years of boot Düsseldorf with the 50 most prominent influencers of boating from The In The Press page

20 Dec:
– New Video with Leon talking about Båtsystem’s new LED lamps at METS Trade Show, Amsterdam in Swedish
– 50 years of boot Düsseldorf by German YACHT added under The In The Press page (in German)
– Improvements for 2019 updated with a new Spectra Survivor 06 handheld watermaker

19 Dec:
Video Room added with a brand new video taken from 2018 sailing to The Shetlands
– Testimonial of Sandra Morsen added on Testimonial Page.
– Yachtmaster Ocean Gerd Scheurer added on the Hall of Yachtmasters page

18 Dec:
– Improvements for 2019 added on Regina Laska full project page

13 Dec:
– Testimonial of Eva Jaxing added on Testimonial Page.

23 Nov:
– My very personal thoughts and experience with sea sickness added under FAQ-page.

22 Nov:
– SCV-2 Certificate of Regina Laska showing her seaworthiness for MCA classification for Area-1 offshore sailing added on Safety Philosophy page.

21 Nov:
– About the Boat fully re-designed
– Test-video by German Magazine YACHT comparing a classic HR with a modern design added on The Boat Page 
– Reginasailing Safety Training page updated with info for 2019 and pictures and video from Nov 2018

5 Nov:
– Advanced Medicine course for wilderness adventurers added, held in Glenmore Lodge, Scotland in Nov 2019

31 Oct:
– HR43 Sid for sale under HR‘s for sale page

2 Oct:
– Itinerary for 2019 added, starting in Sweden and ending in Galicia, Spain

23 Aug:
– Testimonial of Filip Nicklasson added on Testimonial Page.

15 Aug:
– Testimonial of Mattias Hedlund added on Testimonial Page.
– Testimonial of Gerd Scheurer added on Testimonial Page.

14 Aug:
– Capacity now doubled at the Safety Training Week-End in Bremerhaven on 9-11 November due to overwhelming interest.

If you are German speaking and interested in meeting up with the Reginasailing crew, come and join in at the ISAF Safety Training Week-End on 9-11 November in Bremerhaven! Don’t hesitate and meet up with some of the greatest crew of Regina Laska, plus myself. Whether you have sailed on Regina Laska before or not, doesn’t matter! It’s just a chance to have fun during a week-end. At the same time, you will lear a lot of essential safety stuff, which might become vital one day… Book your space by sending an e-mail and then let’s all meet up in Bremerhaven in November!  

8 Aug:
– Testimonial of Ludwig Obermeier added on Testimonial Page.

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