Christian Rudolph


“It sounds crazy to fly to Malta for a sailing theory course, doesn’t it? Well, maybe a bit (if you consider your carbon footprint). 

But already the preparation for the course was great fun! Once I had taken the hurdle with the English sailing terminology, it was all really relaxed. An excellent course and great fun. There was a wide selection of RYA-books to help getting to know the terminology - not to forget Leon’s own new book "Praxisguide Fahrtensegeln” in German which often uses both the international expressions in English as well as the German translations.

I must say: The RYA method is much more hands-on than the German SKS, focusing mainly on navigation in tidal waters and passage planing - always placing the emphasis on good seamanship. 

Not only is Leon an enthusiastic teacher, who has worked hard to keep complex things simple. He is also such a gifted presenter. In addition, Leon is also a good psychologist, who knows how to make people leave their "comfort zone" and progress into their individual "stretching zone” without overstretching it. 

Having said that, the Yachtmaster theory course in Malta is much more than simply expanding knowledge. Taking part also means to "become a member of the Regina Laska family”! Getting together with lots of highly experienced sailors is one of the main highlights - and everything in a most relaxing and stress-free atmosphere.

To sum up: highly recommendable! 

There is only one huge drawback: there are only two courses available: 1. Yachtmaster Coastal/Offshore and 2. Yachtmaster Ocean...  

And that's exactly why some sailors participate more than once and return a second time - just for the fun of it! You can’t blame them!”

Christian Rudolf, Germany, RYA Yachtmaster Offshore shore-based course 2023