Regina Laska HR46 Full Project

To rescue a fine lady

When we found Laska in Italy

Regina Laska has been trucked to Sweden

Demasting and preparation for transport

Buying the sound system

One of the very first investments for Regina Laska

Discussing the project with the team

Regina Laska before the refurbishment

Fire Safety

Following the code and listening to our fire consultant

Discussing the project with Furuno

Regina Laska is treated like a professional deep sea vessel

Discussing the project with WhisperPower

Planning the onboard power systems

The first days at the beauty salon

Ripping it all off and laying the new deck

Stripping a Lady

Regina Laska is being dismantled

Replacing the Teak

Regina Laska receives her new vacuum-glued teak deck

The engine room

Taking it all out - and putting it all back in again (including a sauna!)

The Hardtop

A masterpiece in woodwork refurbishment

Fixing the Hull

A lot of work over and under the waterline

Regina Laska used for marketing

Photos, Videos and more

The readily refitted boat

Regina Laska has become as good as new

Refit Year 3

The never ending improvement project

Refit Year 4

The never ending improvement project

Refit Year 5

After four seasons, it is time for a major refit in order to continue sailing in safety, comfort and style.

Refit Year 6

New D2-75 diesel engine, fixed cutter stay rig, new LiFe batteries and many more improvements and updates.


Frequently Asked Questions and experience on my equipment

Safety Issues

Important safety issues to look out for on any type of boat