Regina Laska has been trucked to Sweden

Demasting and preparation for transport

Regina Laska being rolled out of her shorebased berth in order to get demasted

Fabrizio from Dalmar, the Italian Hallberg-Rassy representative, is giving a great support as a boat dealer. For him, the deal is not finalized by a signature on a piece of paper stating the change of ownership. He sees his responsability and support stretching far beyond the actual sale and drove a second time the three hours to Bocca di Magra, since we could not come personally. He worked all day with the demasting of Regina Laska in order to prepar her for the long truck ride from Italy to Sweden. Dalmar, as most other yachtbrokers in Italy, is not cheap, but for sure worth his money, very friendly and helpful.

Fabrizio working on aft deck of Regina Laska

I didn’t know that there was so much work involved for the transport! The davits have been desmantled (doesn’t she look great without the davits?), the pullpit and pushpit have to be removed just as all the stantions and life-lines. I believe even the hard-top is being dismantled.

Regina Laska without davits, lifelines, boom, pushpits and pulpits

Everything neatly packed to be opened once we meet again in Ellös in Sweden

On Wednesday, 23 May, Regina Laska is being lifted onto the transporter and during the night trucked out of Italy on her way to Sweden. The trucking company is Ford Yachttansport GmbH in Germany.

Regina Laska seen by pure co-incidence when Magnus Rassy rolled off the ferry in Travemünde

On Monday, 4 June, Regina Laska arrived safely in Ellös, Sweden, next to the Hallberg-Rassy yard, where she once was built 15 years ago.

Immediately, she drew a lot of attention and the locals rushed by to see her. Apparently the word had already spread and many people knew about our new project and were very interested to see what was coming. Mellie Rassy rushed out of her office at Hallberg-Rassy Parts AB and took the below photo when the boat had just been lifted into her new trailer, in which she will stand for the forthcoming 9 months.

I am very glad that we have so many talented people “onboard”, who have all promised to support the huge project. Carl Adams from Adams Boatcare has been appointed the project manager. Carl has been looking after our HR40 Regina for four years now. Before starting Adams Boatcare, he has been working for Hallberg-Rassy for many years and knows the boats and the right people in the area. He is a great person to work with, always coming up with ideas and constantly keeping an eye on cost. Carl is part of a network on Orust, where the best craftsmen in the area work jointly to refurbish boats, retrofit equipment or take care of boats during winter storage.

Soon the work will begin and we look forward to meeting up with all the subcontractors to discuss the work. I will continue to update this site on the progress.

Regina Laska has just arrived in Ellös, Sweden, and is now sitting in her trailer which will remain her home for the forthcoming 9 months of refurbishment. Thank you, Mellie, for taking the photo!