Old technical articles I wrote for my previous HR40


– Article from my previous HR40 Regina on installing a HOA (High Output Alternator)
– How to read an Ah-meter (Amp-hour-meter) for your batteries
– Some thoughts I had when deciding between a DC and an AC boat for my HR40 Regina
– Some thoughts I had when deciding which types of batteries to install on my HR40 Regina (today, you also have Lithium-Ion batteries to choose from: great by expensive!)
– Talk on Communications Part 1 for my HR40 Regina from 2003. Surprisingly valid still today, with the exception of SatPhones which have come a long way to provide Data, but still quite slow and to a continuously frightening high airtime-cost still today! NB: I repeated the same installation on my HR46 Regina Laska, not too much has changed for us yachties, thus….
Communications Part 2
Communications Part 3
Communications Part 4