All-Women Sail Training Legs

All-Women Sail Training in the Right Environment for You 

  • The Holiday that might change your life

  • Relaxed, fun-filled and pleasant learning – without even noticing

  • Feel the breath of adventure while leaning back with confidence and place your trust in Reginasailing

  • Become engaged to the extent you request – relax as much as you please

  • Optimal learning conditions with just 4 women and typically 7 days of cruising

  • Grab the opportunity to ask your favourite question over and over again
    including the ones you never dared to ask or already have asked so many times before!

  • Get the taste of living onboard in sheltered waters with a touch of the Ocean 

  • Enjoy learning on a comfortable Hallberg-Rassy with all the amenities a 48 foot boat can offer!

  • Feel the comradeship of the fellow Reginasailing women – learning and laughing together 



The syllabus

A mix of pleasure and practical sailing fun

Despite the emphasis on having fun and holiday, these all-women courses are nothing short of serious sail training – the nice way! We are a team, and everyone is engaged on her own level, building confidence and skills as you go while enjoying this great week!

Sailing goes far beyond trimming sails or conquering the waves. The essentials are based on trust and self-confidence and is expressed in taking the boat out to sea under controlled manoeuvres without feeling any anxiety or fear. 

Get inspired and obtain the necessary skills so you can fell good when sailing with your own friends, family or partner!

  • Preparation for sea – avoid surprises underway! 
  • Passage planning – cruise the way you want it!
  • Deck Work – handle sails and ropes!
  • Navigation – find your way!
  • Pilotage – read the chart!
  • Basic Meteorology – sail in good weather!
  • Rules of the Road – avoid collision! 
  • Victualing and cooking – enjoy your favourite food onboard!
    (and let yourself getting spoilt)
  • Clothing – make sure you feel dry and warm but not hot!
  • Storage – best way to stow food, gear and personal belongings!
  • Seasickness – make sure you feel good!
  • Essential gears – maybe not the equipment your husbands wants? 
  • Water and power management – enjoy electrical equipment and showers anywhere! 
  • Yacht Handling under Power – park the boat in a marina!
  • Yacht Handling under Sail – learn to trim the sails for comfort! 
  • Safety First – Feel safe all the time! 
  • Anchoring – Feel the freedom! 
  • All your Questions – Get the personal answers! 


Sailing in high latitudes with these experienced women feeling the fun of sailing in gale winds.

Passage planning and finding the essential information in the REEDS Almanac.

Night navigation during an all-women course.


Preparing a safe passage plan, keeping comfort and pleasure in mind, is done each day. 

Navigation plays a major roll in building confidence in knowing where you are and where you go in a controlled, safe and comfortable way

Joking along during an all-women sail training courses


Good Training Books

If you wish to purchase a good book on the subject, you can either buy my own book “Praxisguide Fahrtensegeln” in German or Tom Cunliffe’s The Complete Day Skipper.  Don’t forget to use the Reginasailing 10% discount code from Bookharbour.
The code is: rs-BHAPGG10

Going through the medical kit onboard.

Demonstrating and explaining the EPIRB as one of several means of distress signals.


Very often, salads are served for lunch under way, not always as decorated as this time…


Regina Laska and your RYA Yachtmaster Instructor

The facts about the boat can be find here.  She is a commercially coded vessel for Area-1 offshore sailing and I personally cater for the guests.


Reading sailing books. Suddenly, they have become a meaning!

Next available Coastal Sail Training Legs

Leg 8-2023: Terceira – Terceira (Azores) (24-31 July 2023)



Click on the links above for the corresponding legs to see what they cost. Their price differ depending on the total length of the leg.  



What previous participants say: 

"When I joined the all-women sail training leg 3-2021, I had no clue what to expect. My new partner in life is a sailor and I was definitely not. So it was actually his idea that I should join Reginasailing. Just by the thought of going sailing, I was feeling insecure. To be honest, I was actually scared of sailing! After this week onboard Regina Laska, I am sure I will spend much more time on a sailing boat in the future! Leon is simply the calmest, most pedagogic sailing teacher there must exist. And I must reveal: I would now go sailing with or without (!) my partner! I was especially surprised how soon I felt relaxed on this big Hallberg-Rassy boat, while I was standing behind the steering wheel. Was I really steering such a big boat all by myself? Maybe the most important thing we learned is that if you follow the wind, you end up in the magical Caribbean! Let’s see if we meet there some day, Leon - in the Caribbean!!!" Click here to read more.

Mia Tapio, Sweden, sailing on the all-women sail training Leg 3-2021 in Galicia.
Thereafter booked a charter with her husband in Galicia and now is dreaming about a sabbatical with her husband.

"It didn't take more than a day for my anxiety to turn into curiosity, my uncomfortable feeling to turn into a natural sense of comfort and instead of feeling overwhelmed, I felt a lot of respect and an ever growing sailing competence. At the same time, I found the chance to relax and let things happen what was meant to happen.  - I fell in love! I can’t describe how and when and why (no one can when falling in love), but I know for sure that it must have been Leon’s patience, humour and easiness. Him being around created the right environment in which it was possible for me to connect with the sea via Regina Laska. I felt the breath of this incredible power of life and I got touched in the deepest of my being. – It became so much more than a sailing holiday or a sail training course. Learning just happened without me really noticing." Click here to read more.

Nikola Aerts, Belgium, sailing on the all-women sail training Leg 3-2021 in Galicia.
Thereafter buying a HR39 together with her husband and dreaming about long voyages with the family.

"Like so many men, my partner Jürg had this 'cruising dream' in his head, but to me it was all an airy diffuse cloud. After the sail training week onboard Regina Laska, we now both share this great dream jointly, and I am determined to go!" Click here to read Kathi's feelings during Leg 15-2015.

Kathi Huwiler, Switzerland, sailing on the all-women sail training week Leg 15-2015 in the Stockholm archipelago
Thereafter buying a HR49 and sailing with her husband to the Caribbean.

"Leon is the best, most sensitive and understanding teacher I could ever imagine! I left Regina Laska full of pride, since I had been able to accomplish so much! My next step with Leon is to join his theory course in Malta. I wish to continue returning until I finally can skipper a boat on my own." Click here to read full story

Esther Leuenberger, Switzerland, sailing on the all-women sail training leg 15-2016 in the Swedish west-coast archipelago.
Thereafter buying a HR43 and sailing to the Caribbean with husband and children.

"To experience you, Leon, as a skipper and trainer was a discovery previously unknown to me: Highly competent and knowledgeable, your blessed calmness based on personal qualities turned this sailing trip to an extraordinary combination of a relaxing enjoyable holiday and high-end professional sail training. It was so fascinating to experience how all was made so simple and understandable and doable for all of us!" Read more

Margret Waubke, Germany, owning Comfortina 35, sailed on the all-women Leg 7-2017 from Portosin, Galicia, Spain to Porto, Portugal.

"The tenor and spirit onboard was wonderful from the very beginning and we had so much fun together! How can Leon create such an atmosphere, I wonder? During our sailing trip we mainly had good winds, but also calms and fog are part of the local weather, which gave good practice in radar navigation!" Read more

Antje Paetzold, Germany, sailed on the all-women Leg 6-2017 in Galicia, Spain.

"The experience I had was amazing, not only because of the things I have learned, but mainly for the emotions and the nice feelings. I have experienced how nice a sailing life can be, how many nice people one can meet and how to combine the passion for travelling with sailing. It is special to have met you, Leon; a sensitive man that combines professionalism with sensibility." Read more

Anna Lisa Dona, Italy/Switzerland, sailed on the all-women Leg 6-2017 in Galicia, Spain.

"Leon is so understanding and exactly the right person to motivate us ‘sailing women’. I feel strengthened and reinforced. I know now: This is the way I want to sail in the future. This is the way sailing is fun. This is simply my way of sailing! Of course, everyone knows by now that all of Leon’s ‘Chicas’ wish to come sailing with him again! And I must admit, I am no exception…. " Read more

Dorothee Laxhuber, Germany/Switzerland, owning a Outremer 51 sailed on the all-women Leg 6-2017 in Galicia, Spain. Thereafter on a circumnavigation around the world with her husband.

"I can't imagine learning about sailing under the auspices of anyone as perfectly suited to the task as with Leon - Leon has certainly found his calling. I can highly recommend his courses to any level of sailor!!" Read more

Julie Kelleher, USA, owning a HR48, sailed on the all-women Leg 6-2017 in Galicia, Spain.

"When I arrived on board Regina Laska, all fears were gone with the wind. The sailing week was a trip to another planet for me. I was able to experience a week in which I simply could be myself! I didn’t constantly have to consider what the others would think about my mistakes and my questions. And despite all the tough challenges, I had the feeling that I was on my best holidays ever. What Leon does is to convey the feeling of the ‘great breath of the ocean’. Leon, I can feel it!" Click here to read full story

Ursula Scattorin, Lichtenstein, sailing on the all-women RYA Day Skipper Course Leg 4-2016 in The Solent
Thereafter buying a HR39 and sailing around Northern Europe with her husband.

"There was more instruction than I have ever had on sailing, yachting and navigation packed into a short week. We were four women supporting and pulling one another through the various tasks and experiences, with an abundance of good humour and lots of energy." Click here to read full story

Inger-Johanne Nedreaas Haukedal, Norway, HR37 owner, sailing on the all-women RYA Day Skipper course Yachtmaster Leg 4-2016 in The Solent

"My expectations were high as the sky. After all, I had read the other testimonials and looked at all the wonderful photos from previous guests. But the actual experience to sail on Regina Laska surpasses anything that can be written in words or captured in pictures…! It’s simply the atmosphere!" Click here to read full story

Irene Wiedswang, Norway, HR42F owner, sailing on the all-women sail training leg 15-2016 in the Swedish west-coast archipelago.
Thereafter sailing with her husband to Greeland

"I don’t have the impression that I was on a sail-training course at all. Rather, I feel I was invited as a guest by a passionate person, willing to share his knowledge, his skills, and cooking art. Sailing on Regina Laska is sailing in a human atmosphere. The group is small, and so is the shared space, and, yet, the experience is so great!" Click here to read full story

Laura Braive, Belgium, HR53 owner, sailing on the all-women sail training leg 15-2016 in the Swedish west-coast archipelago.
Thereafter sailing with her husband to several times over the Atlantic and then into the Pacific.

"I tasted blood, no doubt! The time onboard has totally changed my perception of life. I think I will never be able to go back! So be warned: Sailing with Leon may change your life! And I really liked the women only leg: no competition, just co-operation, and all goes so nicely hand-in-hand." Click here to read how Esther changed.

Esther Leuenberger, Switzerland, sailing on the all-women sail training week Leg 15-2015 in the Stockholm archipelago.
Thereafter the joined once more on another all-women course in 2016.

"Dear Leon, You should have seen my wife when she returned after her sail training week on Regina Laska! I think you have infected her with a sailing-virus ;-)" Click here to read a husband's voice after his wife returned home.

Michel Leuenberger, Switzerland, with his wife Esther sailing on the all-women Leg 15-2015. Thereafter he joined his family and wife Esther on a sabbatical to the Caribbean on a HR43.

"My previous conviction that I would forever remain in the roll of the deckhand has changed. I can now well imagine to skipper a boat, which I am also intending to do in the future – no question! Leon, you have such a wonderful way of approaching people!" Click here to read full story

Nicole Wenning, Germany, sailing on the all-women sail training leg 15-2016 in the Swedish west-coast archipelago.

"Leon is a great teacher. He always started with the concepts. Understanding the concepts helped me when I did not get a detail- I just went back up to the concept and worked it through. His personal observations on my learning style greatly supported the learning process. Light touch yet remarkable. I was very impressed and surprised with how much I learnt and how my confidence and interest grew. I worked hard all week and enjoyed every minute."

Sandra Morson, Scotland, HR40 owner, taking the Yachtmaster Theory course in Malta 2018

"Leon is simply wonderful. I have passed the Yachtmaster theory assessment already when I arrived in Malta, but felt that my understanding of the subject was academic rather than working knowledge that can be applied actively at sea. Leon’s fun, interactive teaching style changed that. On his courses, the learning stays with you after you have left the classroom. Plus, he has the patience of a saint. Every question from each student was answered thoughtfully, in comfort and style, of course. Thank you, Leon!" Click here to see some photos

Carol Wu, Hongkong, taking the Yachtmaster Theory course in Malta 2018

"Despite Leon’s colourful examples and very patient attempts to clarify things, I felt frustrated and limited in my basic knowledge. I was very grateful for the patience shown by Leon and other members in the class when I needed to go back over something simple. While Leon clearly provides you with the academic “tools” to use, his real gift in presenting this course is in his manner of leading the many discussions, providing relevant personal examples with his trademark enthusiasm and drawing out personal experiences from his students so that your learning is reinforced. So, in hindsight, I learnt far more than I initially thought." Click here to read full story

Cyndy Moncrieff, Australia, taking the RYA Yachtmaster Theory Course in Malta.

"This is a real "crash course" and the "fast lane" in sailing theory. A really realistic and hands-on way of learning! I had lots of fun doing it, and sticking to Leon, who repeated over and over again: It's all about understanding! I do not quite understand how Leon is doing this, but he probably chooses his students carefully, since I was only surrounded by very smart, open-minded, international and very warm-hearted people, which made me feel so comfortable right away!" Click here to read full story

Julia Pukelsheim, Germany.
Thereafter buying a Contest 42 and sailed to the Caribbean with her husband and three children.

"If you wish to learn navigation and laugh at the same time, take a course with Leon!"

Kajsa Lemby, Sweden, owning HR31 "Bikkuri"

"I must confess: Maths is not one of my favourite subjects so I was afraid this theory course would be tough on me. However, Leon’s sensitivity against my very modest love for Maths was encouraging and I never got that ugly feeling of ‘not being smart enough’. It was so nice to solve all Maths problems in such a ‘relaxed’ way!" Click here to read full story

Esther Leuenberger, Switzerland.
Thereafter buying a HR43 and sailing to the Caribbean with her husband and children.

"It was so exciting to learn with Leon that I felt uplifted into a new dimension. We all become so energized and motivated to learn more and more about sailing and Leon’s easy to understand way of explaining and his unbeatable entertaining “story telling hours” helped us to come so close to our dreams that we could almost touch them! Anything suddenly seemed possible and nothing undoable, you just have to follow your heart and live your dreams!" Click here to read full story

Marianne Karlsen, Switzerland, owning a J/88. Thereafter buying a HR44 and now an aluminium boat on order for high latitude sailing into the ice.