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A sample of question I regularly receive

 I receive a large number of questions, which I would have loved to answer all in great detail. Here are some I’d like to share, since some of my experience on equipment might be of general interest.


One of the best sources to ask questions and get answers is from other HR owners. Therefore, I created a Hallberg-Rassy owners’s discussion group together with my friend Manlio back in 2002 already. I am still the moderator of this group and through the years we have gathered a vast base of experience and knowledge about our boats.  If you own a Hallberg-Rassy or have deep interest in the boat, please register to share experiences with 800+ other HR owners. Please note that this discussion group is strictly non-commercial, so selling or buying equipment or a boat is not allowed in this discussion forum. Welcome!


HR Owners' Discussion Group

Share experiences with 800+ other HR owners (strictly non-commercial, so no selling or buying of equipment or boats)


I (or my spouse) has problems with seasickness. What can we do?

New D2-75

Why did you change engine to D2-75 and what are your experiences?

New LiFe Batteries

What are your experiences with the new LiFe batteries and do I need any new equipment if I change to Lithium?


Should I exchange all my existing Dorade Vents to the new type of AirOnly vents?

WiFi antenna

What type of WiFi amplifying system do you suggest to your customers and which one do you use on Regina Laska?