Safety issues

Important issues that are regularly found on many type of boats

 A safety check is part of most boat owners’ regular tasks. Some are more and some are less rigorous. Some issues are found on repeated boats and are so important and critical that you might want to check them on your boat as well.

When customers hand over their Hallberg-Rassy boats to a renown yard such as Adams Boat Care, there is often a rigorous safety check made. Very often, however, it is a matter of own seamanship to look after your boat! Don’t trust a yard completely and look after your boat!

Some issues are found on boats repeatedly and are so important and critical that you might want to check them yourself as well. That’s why I post this here. 

Washer on Mamba steering

The large fuses

The Bottom Plug

The Exhaust Elbow

The Diesel Tank

The Gas System