Follow us on Voyoa, see our positions with photos and comments.

  We use Voyoa showing our track years back, sharing events, comments and photos! We create wonderful memories with friends and other sailors! 

Each year consists of various Legs where guests join. The individual Legs are highlighted in alternating colours of the track. Just click on the track in question or scroll down to click on the individual Leg. 

Our current position is given shown with a purple needle and each point where there is a picture and/or text has a blue needle.  Green dots are positions without any further “event” or photo.

Positions are constantly uploaded automatically via satellite (previously Inmarsat-C and since leg 5-2022 via Garmin in Reach, Smartphone tracking also possible). Position and data are automatically processed by Voyoa and shown in real-time. Photos and event descriptions are uploaded on a more irregular basis when I have time and access to faster internet.  It’s all designed by aiticon, Germany.

Alternatively, you can still see our latest position on MarineTraffic here, provided we are within an AIS-observation area. Further offshore or in remote places, AIS reception does not reach the AIS receivers who feed the information into MarineTraffic. If we are not visible on Marine Traffic, we have most probably not sunk, we are just not reaching any of the MarineTraffic receivers ashore. 


Real-time and historic Satellite tracks via Voyoa including comments and pictures:

Our actual tracks 2023

Planned: UK - Bretagne - Galicia - Azores - Galicia

Our actual tracks 2022

Planned: UK - Bretagne - Spain - Portugal - Med

Our actual tracks 2021

Galicia - Portugal - Mediterranean - Madeira - Azores

Our actual tracks 2019

Sweden - Germany - The Netherlands, France - UK - Ireland - Scotland - Ireland - Galicia

Our actual tracks 2018

Sweden - Germany - The Netherlands, France - UK - Ireland - Scotland - Ireland - Galicia

Current AIS position and last 24 hours track via Marine Traffic:

Marine Traffic

Click to come to our latest AIS-transmitted position on MarineTraffic