Reginasailing Videos

There is nothing like a moving picture! 


A collection of some videos taken throughout the years on various Reginasailing legs or trainings. 


How to sail dead downwind on Regina Laska?

How to install a Hammar H20 Small Raft on a sailing boat?

How to install running backstays on a sailing boat?

Leon picking up guests for crayfish party onboard.

Regina Laska to Fair Isle (2018)

Reginasailing Liferaft training (2018)

Regina Laska to Shetland (2014)

Regina Laska to Shetland (2013)

The Missing Centimetre (2006)

Sabbatical auf See (2006)

Båtsystem's ad for Regina Laska's sauna

New Båtsystem LED lamps at METS (Swedish, 2018)

Videos by others

Tom Cunliffe's Video Blogs

My friend and colleague Tom Cunliffe has long been my guide and tutor when it comes to nautical teaching and explaining complex navigational subjects in an entertaining and easy-to-understand way. His books are classics and are used during Reginasailing's shorebased training. Click the photo above to see all of Tom's entertaining and educational videos.