Eva Jaxing



What a fantastic week onboard Regina Laska sailing in Bohuslän on the west coast of Sweden. This is my own territory, so to speak, sailing in my back garden…



My chair I am currently sitting on is still rocking and moving in the wind, propelled by my memories and deep feelings for the all-women sail training week I was on. The feeling of still being onboard Regina Laska is so vibrant in me!



These were so enjoyable days with great sailing, including sailing in rather hard winds. Your boat is so fantastic, Leon! She moves like a queen through the water, no matter the size of waves, carrying four eager women as her crew in safety, comfort and style!



Us four women teamed up fantastically, taking turns to steer, navigate, fitting fenders, berth, setting springs, catching cleats with lasso-technique, moor with springs and breast lines and to cast off taking advantage of all sorts of tips and tricks you taught us, Leon.



We altered between theory and practical exercises, as well as enjoying fantastic meals, always accompanied by a good glass of wine. Loads of joy and laughter mixed with deep and thoughtful talks about any imaginable subject.



We used the sauna, we have been swimming in the sea, gone for long morning walks (while Leon was still waking up…), checked weather charts and so much more!!!

The week has been so diverse and varying and we learnt so much in just these few days! It was really over and above all my expectations.



Thank you Sandra, Anna Lisa, Inga-Lill and Leon!

Leon, I must confess: I am hooked!


Eva Jaxing, Sweden, experienced dinghy sailor and power-boater, taking part at the all-women sail training leg 13-2018 in Sweden.