Itinerary 2021

  My ninth season: Rescheduled itinerary due to Covid-19.  

After a very relaxing (and I must say very, very pleasant!) sailing season of 2020 with guests – despite Corona! – I was originally planning to sail north into high latitude adventures. Instead, we will now begin the season later in the year and explore the Atlantic islands. 


In 2021, we will start in La Coruna, Spain and then sail to the Gibraltar on a non-stop 600+ RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Qualifying leg, continue to Malga and head back leisurely via Portugal. After an all-women leg in Galicia, we continue on a couple of private leisure legs to Madeira and the Azores before we sail back to Galicia where I end the season with one a Galicien leg.  



Things change frequently during these Covid-times so please don’t hesitate to contact me if you are interested, since there might be late cancellations this year due to Corona.

Each below leg is different. Some are RYA sail training courses, others are ocean passages and yet others are just intended for a relaxed holiday sailing.

Whom you sail with is just as important as the leg itself, please send an e-mail as personal as possible and I will try my best to offer you a leg that suits your expectations, experience and fellow crew members!

Re prices, please click on the corresponding leg. The price is given at the bottom of each description of the leg in question.

Leg 1/2021:

7 - 19 June: La Coruña-Gibraltar-Malaga: Yachtmaster Ocean Leg, 600nm+

Leg 2/2021:

24 June - 8 July, Malga - Portosin/Galicia, 700 nm

Leg 3/2021:

10 - 16 July: Portosin - Portosin All-women in Galicia, 100 nm

Leg 4/2021:

17 Jul - 26 Aug Portosin - Madeira, 800 nm (not available, private)

Leg 5/2021:

29 Aug - 9 Sept Madeira - Horta/Azores, 750 nm (not available, private)

Leg 6/2021:

11 - 23 Sept: Horta/Azores - Portosin/Galicia, 1000 nm (not available, private)

Leg 7/2021:

26 Sep - 3 Oct: Portosin - La Coruña /Galicia, 200 nm

Previous years:


Originally planned for 2021, postponed to 2022 due to Covid-19


Staying in Galicia and Portugal during Covid-19


Originally planned 2020, postponed to 2021 due to Corona


From Sweden via UK, Ireland, Scotland to Galicia


From Sweden round Britain via Ireland and Norway


From Sweden to Galicia and then north via Ireland and Scotland back to Sweden.


From Sweden to Galicia and back via the English Channel


From Sweden round Britain via Irland and Scotland and then into the Baltic to Stockholm and back to Vindön.


From Sweden to Scotland and then back into the Baltic to Stockholm and finally to Vindön.


My first season with Regina Laska: To The Solent, via east coast of UK to Scotland and back to Sweden