Itinerary 2018

  It is never too late to learn how to sail and you are never fully perfect. There are sail training courses for everybody. Or just join to relax!

For my sixth year taking sail training guests onboard Regina Laska I received several times more applications than I have available berths. All applications that were e-mailed during the last year were a joy to read, detailed and emotional. For sure, it was a difficult task to allocate as many as possible for the desired legs and pair them together in order to build pleasant crews.


2018 takes us from Sweden via Germany to France and to the South Coast of England where Competent Crew, Dayskipper, Coastal Skipper and Yachtmaster Prep Courses are offered. From England, we continue by crossing the Celtic Sea to Ireland and explore the thrilling southwest coast of Ireland. Cruising Scotland has been very high on the requested list, and so we will spend some time here, offering whisky tours or just to enjoy the scenery of Scotland and practicing tidal navigation.

Part of the Scotland tour will take us to Orkney, Fair Isle and Shetland, before we cross the North Sea over to Norway. From here we cruise the Norwegian coast to Sweden, where you will find sail training legs in the beautiful Swedish archipelago.


If you wish to join on a future sail training leg, please do not hesitate to e-mail your interest. Please click here to send me an e-mail.

Leg 1/2018:

16 - 25 April Vindön - Cuxhaven, 300 nm,

Leg 2/2018:

27 April - 9 May l Cuxhaven - Lymington (The Solent), 600 nm, RYA Yachtmaster Prep excl. Exam,

Leg 3/2018:

16 - 23 May Lymington - Cornwall - Kinsale/Ireland 350 nm

Leg 4/2018:

24 - 31 May Kinsale - SW coast of Ireland - Dublin, 300 nm

Leg 5/2018:

5 - 12 June Dublin - Oban, 250 nm,

Leg 6/2018:

14 - 21 June Oban - Oban, 150 nm, The Hebrides

Leg 7/2018:

25 June - 2 July Oban - Oban, 150 nm, The Hebrides

Leg 8/2018:

10 - 17 July Oban - Troon, 150 nm, The Hebrides

Leg 9/2018:

18 July - 5 Aug Troon - Inverness, Private holiday sailing

Leg 10/2018:

7 - 14 Aug Inverness - Orkney - Fair Isle - Lerwick/Shetland, Sweden, 250 nm

Leg 11/2018:

16 - 23 Aug Lerwick/Shetland - Stavanger, Sweden, 300 nm

Leg 12/2018:

25 Aug - 2 Sept: Stavanger - Göteborg, Sweden, 300 nm

Leg 12A/2018:

3 - 9 Sept: Wholly chartered by Båtsystem, Göteborg - Göteborg, Sweden,

Leg 13/2018:

12 - 19 Sept: All women sail training: Göteborg - Göteborg, Sweden, 150 - 300 nm

Leg 14/2018:

20 Sept - 27 Sept: Göteborg - Vindön, Sweden, Private holiday sailing finalising the season with a beautiful and relaxing autumn cruise through a deserted archipelago