Leg 1/2018

16 – 25 April Ellös – Cuxhaven, 300 nm



This is an early bird cruise, close to winter sailing. Normally winds are weak, but the weather is still cold. Some years, there is still ice in the marinas and it can even be snowing – although it’s exception. Air temperature will reach over 10 degrees C only with difficulties. The two heaters will be working 24/7 and the sauna will be on on many of the evenings.


Since we wish to play the days as they come, we allow 10 days of cruise for these 300 nm, mainly taking us through sheltered waters. We start in the beautiful Bohuslän archipelago which will hardly have awakened after its hibernation. We will make landfall at places normally totally overcrowded during summers.

Then follows the charming islands of Denmark and a visit to the German city of Kiel, before motoring through the Kiel Canal to Cuxhaven.



Bring your fleece, boots and foul weather gear and you will experience this part of the world in a beautiful light and silent calmness only seen by a few. I am very glad that guests are flying in all the way from Australia in order to experience an awakening Scandinavia from winter hibernation.

Price: EUR 2,650 per person including all food consumed onboard, harbour fees, diesel, canal fees etc

Leaving Vindön. The light is fantastic at this time of the year!


Navigating the archipelago

A hardtop is worth gold when sailing this early in the season!


Meeting spring in Copenhagen



Waiting for the rain to stop.


The long bridge in Falkenberg