Mattias Hedlund


It’s just fantastic that I, again, could be part of writing yet another chapter in the ongoing Regina Laska saga. And this Reginasailing legend is FOR REAL and NOW! Each leg is unique, each one is chapter, each one is made by the people who are lucky enough to join onboard, writing the pages of this ongoing Reginasailing adventure. It’s a true SAGA!

No more words are needed as testimonial. The rest is a blast of emotions.


Talking to a Swedish boat in the Sealock leaving the Caledonian Canal.


It’s impossible to capture a trip on Regina Laska on a camera. I tried, but it’s just a faint copy of the reality. Nothing can beat reality! If you haven’t experienced it, you can’t believe it! That’s all I can say!


Great light sailing north from Inverness.


Rain shower in northern Scotland.



Making breakfast on Regina Laska. Today: English breakfast with bacon (but we forgot the eggs! Haha!)


Visiting the Scapa distillery with Scapa Flow through the window!


Whisky tasting at the Scapa Distillery.


Entering North Haven on Fair Isle


Me taking photos of Puffins!



Beautiful Fair Isle!

The southern light house on Fair Isle.

Me hiking up the hill through the sheep fields.



View from one of the tops on Fair Isle.


Doing Yoga on the top of Fair Isle.


Every day I was jogging. This time took me to the Airport of Fair Isle. One engine was broken on this airplane, so it couldn’t lift until new spare parts were flow in. Whenever that will happen….


We visited Hollie Shaw on Fair Isle and we all ordered a sweater each! Hollie makes the most beautiful hand-made REAL Fair Isles!!! This is REAL, but could just have been taken out of a novel!


There is a three years waiting list for a real hand knitted Fair Isle! I will enjoy every day waiting for my sweater thinking back to this incredible island. And when it finally comes in the post, it will be a souvenir with the greatest “S” available!


Typical lunch on Regina Laska.



Taking the dinghy to explore the caves of Fair Isle.


Inside one of the exciting caves of Fair Isle.


The beauty of the cave is stunning!


Doing the steam sauna after a great sail from Fair Isle to Shetland. Here anchored in St Ninian’s Bay on the west coast of Shetland.


13.5°C in the water! No problem after the sauna!




Regina Laska is such a fine ship. Here you can see me rounding Sumburgh Head in Shetland (yes, you have to zoom in, but it’s me in the cockpit!). Photo by Photo: Ronnie Robertson taken from the southern most tip of Shetland.


Sailing these waters can be a bumpy run. Here, under ideal conditions and still, impressive overfalls rounding Sumburgh Head on Shetland. Photo: Ronnie Robertson



Enjoying classical music while enjoying Regina Laska.


Mattias Hedlund, Sweden, Fenix owner, sailing for the 5th year on Regina Laska, this time leg 10-2018 from Inverness via Orkney and Fair Isle to Lerwick, Shetlands.