Christoph Gütersloh

Christoph Gütersloh at work, examining the renown sextants of Cassens&Plath.


"The Shorebased Course RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Ocean was exciting and very educational at the same time. Leon is able to explain and teach complex topics of astronomy and mathematics in a simple and understandable way - also thanks to specially created templates.

In addition, I enjoyed the great atmosphere at the location on Malta and amongst all participants.

Thanks to Leon and I hope to see you again soon!"

Christoph Gütersloh, Cassens & Plath GmbH, Germany, RYA Yachtmaster Ocean shore-based course 2023 

Christoph helping Carol with her Cassens&Plath Sextant for her Hallberg-Rassy 340 at the Reginasailing course.

Christoph and the fellow participants at the Yachtmaster Ocean course in Malta, using the Reginasailing templates for a quick and safe work-flow.