Udi Lehrman


In times of uncertainty, such as the current war situation with potential GPS signal interference, the significance of a Celestial Navigation course becomes paramount. The ability to navigate using celestial bodies provides a crucial backup when traditional GPS signals are either compromised or entirely unavailable. By acquiring celestial navigation skills, mariners gain a reliable means to determine their position at sea, independent of technological vulnerabilities. This proficiency not only ensures the safety and accuracy of navigation during challenging times but also underscores the importance of diversifying navigation techniques to maintain resilience in the face of unforeseen disruptions. In an era where geopolitical events can impact technology, the knowledge acquired in a Celestial Navigation course becomes a valuable asset for seafarers navigating through unpredictable circumstances.


Udi sailing off the coast of Israel.


Enrolling in the RYA Yachtmaster Ocean course proved to be a transformative experience, particularly due to the exceptional teaching prowess of our instructor, Leon. His proficiency in the subject matter, especially celestial navigation, was truly remarkable. Leon's dedication to imparting his knowledge was evident from the outset, and his passion for sailing and navigation created an engaging learning environment. His deep understanding of celestial navigation instilled confidence in the students, making the complex concepts accessible even to those with minimal prior experience.


Leon's teaching style was characterized by a perfect blend of theoretical concepts and practical applications. He skilfully guided us through the intricacies of celestial navigation, breaking down complex theories into digestible pieces. His expertise became apparent as he navigated seamlessly through the celestial sphere, effortlessly connecting the dots between theory and real-world scenarios. Leon's commitment to ensuring that each student grasped the material was commendable, fostering a supportive and collaborative atmosphere within the class.


The transformation over the course of a single week was truly astounding.

Starting with little to no knowledge in celestial navigation, Leon's expert guidance allowed me to progress from a novice to a confident navigator.

His hands-on approach, combined with interactive learning sessions, made the daunting subject of celestial navigation surprisingly accessible. By the end of the week, I found myself equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the celestial tools and techniques, a testament to Leon's exceptional teaching abilities and dedication to his students' success. The RYA Yachtmaster Ocean course, under Leon's tutelage, not only provided valuable skills but also ignited a newfound passion for navigating the open seas.

In addition to the enriching learning experience at the RYA Yachtmaster Ocean course, our evenings were further enriched by the camaraderie built outside the classroom. Leon, our dedicated instructor, fostered a sense of community among the students, and each day, we all gathered at a charming restaurant in Malta to unwind and share our maritime adventures.


The picturesque setting and delectable cuisine provided the perfect backdrop for bonding and exchanging stories. These daily gatherings not only deepened our connections but also allowed us to absorb the rich maritime culture of Malta, creating memories that complemented the intensive learning experience during the day. Leon's commitment to creating a holistic and enjoyable educational experience extended beyond the classroom, ensuring that the RYA Yachtmaster Ocean course in Malta was not just about navigation but also about building lasting friendships and savoring the vibrant local culture.



Udi Lehrman, Israel, RYA Yachtmaster Ocean shore-based course 2024