Makoto Fujimoto

Dear Leon-san,

 Mr. Ogawa and I arrived in Japan safely, and returned to our work.

Thank you very much for your kindness.

 Steering in the rough sea like in the Needles strait and spending the night on the ship was the first experience for us, but we were very excited.


The Needles.


Although the big waves came one after another, your steering was very smooth and we could feel relaxed on the boat.

We could learn that good steering would give guests peace of mind.


Standing waves outside the Needles.

In the standing waves outside The Needles. Standing almost still with almost 5 knots through the water!

 All the dishes you made for us were very delicious, and we could enjoy 2 days of living on a sailing boat.

Opening the breakfast egg with the gravitation-powered egg-opener.

Trying to understand how Europeans open eggs by means of gravitation

Trying Kalles Kaviar from Sweden for breakfast.



We want to get on your boat again.

 Best Regards

Makoto Fujimoto, Japan,  flying all the way from Japan for sail two days of sail training on Regina Laska in The Solent/UK.