Leg 5/2016

25 – 30 May Lymington – The Channel Islands – Lymington, 300 nm


ORN_6380This RYA coastal skipper course will take us to the Channel Islands Jersey and Guernsey and back to Lymington, weather permitting.

It is going to be an adventurous leg for sailors, who wish to extend their horizon of normal coastal sailing, visiting places with extreme tidal range and currents. We will cross the English channel with all the traffic there is and enjoy the welcoming atmosphere in France. There will be an emphasis on tidal calculations and weather theory, making the most out of the RYA coastal skipper/Yachtmaster theory knowledge understanding how to take advantage of the same.

It’s the next step up after the Day Skipper and you will make some 300 miles for your future Yachtmaster at the same time.

Before you join on a Coastal Skipper course you should at least have the following pre-course experience:
– 15 days on a boat
– 2 days as skipper
– sailed 300 miles
– 8 night hours
– it is assumed that you have a good knowledge in boat handling to the standards of a Day Skipper and navigational knowledge to the standards of the Coastal Skipper theory level, which is very similar to the Yachtmaster level. See here.

For more information on the Coastal Skipper Practical see here.

Price: EUR 1800 per person including all food consumed onboard, harbour fees, diesel etc