Leg 2/2019

22 – 29 April Neustadt – via Denmark or Eastern Germany to Laboe (Germany), 100-150 nm 



This is very relaxed leg over Easter. We take it as it comes and meet spring in south-western Baltic.

We don’t have a very long distance to sail if we don’t want to and have all the options: Denmark to the North or Eastern Germany to the East, possibly even Rügen, where I have always wanted to sail again.

The spring is clearly coming earlier in southern Baltic than further in the north. We can expect some really nice spring weather, while most boats are just about to be launched for the seasons.

I really tend to enjoy sailing in the Baltic during April.

Price: EUR 2,120 per person including all food consumed onboard, harbour fees, diesel, canal fees etc

Travemünde is really close to Neustadt, and so is Lübeck. Possibly we motor up the River Trave to reach the medieval town of the old Hanse.

Eastern Germany has endless beaches. In spring, we will have these all for ourselves!


The entrance to Warnemünde and Rostock.


Warnemünde as seen from the lighthouse.


A typical danish harbour in spring.

Marstal in Denmark is a possible destination on this leg.

Danish charme.

The Danish “South Sea” as the Germans call this sheltered waters of southern Denmark.


Danish atmosphere