Leg 4/2020

28 May – 8 June, Lymington to Edinburgh


Approaching the Forth bridge in Edinburgh

It is, in deed, a special feeling to approach the famous Forth bridge spanning over the Firth of Forth in Edinburgh. This bridge is considered the symbol of Scotland (having been voted Scotland’s greatest man-made wonder in 2016), and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is almost 2,5 km long with two large spans of 520 m each. Construction began in 1882 and took 8 years to build. 


Marinas are scarce on this coast, and you often have to lay alongside in fishing harbours. This is what makes this coasts so extraordinary.


When I last sailed the east coast of England and Scotland in 2013, I did so in a hurry. The distance from The Solent to Edinburgh is, after all, not to be neglected, some 550nm! This should not be covered in a rush. Therefore, in 2020, we will take more time and have planned 11 days for this leg. This will give us a mix of longer overnight legs and relaxed sailing along the coast.

The fact that not many sailors use this coast, gives it a most true and original flair. This is possibly what “real England” looks like from the sea?


The “Hip” Hotel welcoming us for a pint (was the “S” taken down for a reason to seem more fashionable, or had it fallen down in last storm?)

True fishing villages are found along the way, giving a very special atmosphere.

With predominant winds from western quadrant, we could do good progress during some days (and nights) and with some luck we will have flat seas in the shelter of UK while pleasant winds. Weather permitting, we could think of a detour to France, or why not possibly sailing into London? On the other hand, with northerly winds, this could also become quite a challenging leg, taking a lot of time beating against a wind with north-going tide testing the crew. Hence, the 11 days to play with.



There are some very shallow entrances where tidal calculation is as necessary as the landscape is changeable.

We will plan the days wisely to avoid the most nasty days, possibly staying in port enjoying the English hospitality and then move on quicker with longer legs on more favourable days. 



Having crossed the border to Scotland.


Price: EUR 3,430 per person including all food consumed onboard, harbour fees, diesel etc plus visits at pubs etc.