Leg 4/2016

17 – 23 May Lymington – Lymington (The Solent), 100 miles, All-Women Day Skipper course




Following the highly successful women-only sail training leg in the Stockholm archipelago in 2015, this is the first of two all-women sail training legs in 2016.

We will sail in The Solent between the Isle of Wight and the British mainland on the south coast of England and together do the RYA Day Skipper. The Solent has been called the “Mecca of sailing” and is a very suitable training ground offering all aspects of cruising, from tidal waters to traffic and many places to sail to in sheltered waters. We will start in the cozy little town of Lymington and then sail to many famous places on the south coast of England.

The goal is not only to take the RYA Day Skipper certificate but also to work on self confidence and to have a lot of fun!

What is better than letting previous participants explain how they experienced their all-women course? Please therefore see the testimonials of KathiMia and Esther, for example. Please also read the voice of Esther’s husband Michel after his wife returned from the course.

Before you join on a Day Skipper course you should at least have the following pre-course experience:
– 5 days on a boat
– sailed 100 miles
– 4 night hours on board a sailing yacht
– it is assumed that you have some basic navigation and helmsman knowledge

For more information on the Day Skipper see here.
Price: EUR 1800 per person including all food consumed onboard, harbour fees, diesel etc