Filip Nicklasson


The trip over the Bay of Biscay turned out to be the perfect trip for me!




I had never sail over open water before and my expectation for the week was, when I look back, very different from what it turned out to be: I had thought it would become hard. And it was in some respects, but, at the same time, everything around the actual sailing made the trip so much easier!



The crew came along really well. All very interesting people and even the night sailing was fantastic, even though the weather was rather rough. Leon made fantastic food, although the crew didn’t really fancy any food during the crossing due to seasickness… Nevertheless, nicely decorated food kept continuously coming up from the galley into the cockpit.


When we came closer to the Spanish shore the weather calmed down and the sailing turned into a very pleasant cruise. So during one week we had everything from hard passage making to a nice cruse, as well as very interesting presentations about the upcoming activity.



Sailing like this really is the best way of traveling, I think. I have learned a lot from this week, Leon is very happy to share his vast experience and is a fantastic skipper who really cares about the wellbeing of his guests. He made me feel very confident about sailing.


I can’t wait to come back!!



Filip Nicklasson, Sweden/Norway, crossing the Bay of Biscay on  Leg 7-2016 from Lorient/Brittany, France to Portosin/Galicia, Spain.