Leg 11/2015

7 – 14 July Stavanger – Copenhagen, 400 nm


DSC_4649Another long milage-gaining leg, possibly to include an overnight sail. Despite the long distance of 400 nm, we will make landfall at great places along the way, sailing in three different countries: Starting off in Norway, sailing to Sweden and ending up in Denmark. This leg is especially suitable for candidates who need to make miles for their Yachtmaster exam or the Swiss “Hochsee-Segelschein”. Half of the miles will be considered as tidal miles and the rest non-tidal. (Since I am a Yachtmaster Instructor, I am entitled to sign off miles for the Swiss certification authority.)

Starting from Stavanger, we will have a long days sail to the charming island of Hidra, welcoming us with its white church at the entrance of this minuscule harbour, mainly consisting of fishing boats landing its fresh fish from the North Sea. A walk up to the top of the mountain will reward us with a stunning view, as well as a historic site, where Germans built a fort at the top of this hill in WWII.

We will then round the notorious Cape Lista and Lindesnäs, considered as the “Cape Horn of Norway”. The reason is that the west-going current meets the prevailing southwesterly winds, which can give a steep choppy sea. Having said that, most of the times I have rounded the capes, I have done so in splendid sunshine and calm seas.

Depending on the weather, wind direction, and the experience of the crew, we have a couple of options from here. Either we continue day-sailing, crossing the Skagerrak from Norway to Skagen on the north tip of Denmark during one long day. From here we will have another long day-sail to the west coast of Sweden and can continue further down to Copenhagen along the coast. Or, alternatively, we do an overnight sail from Norway crossing the Skagerrak without landfall in Denmark, leaving Skagen to our starboard side and continue through the night to make landfall not until we have reached Sweden. From here, it is again a matter of following the Swedish west coast through the Öresund to the capital of Denmark.

One way or the other, this leg will mean a lot of sailing, but also visiting great places along the way.

Both Stavanger and Copenhagen have excellent flight connections.

Price: EUR 1,550 per person