Leg 5/2017

31 May – 7 June Lymington – Portosin (Galicia/Spain), Crossing the Bay of Biscay 600 nm


Regina Cruising Year 478


Crossing the bay of Biscay is in the dreams of many sailors. Not many sail training boats or charter vessels offer this, since it means that the boat in question needs to comply to stringent rules. e.g. the MCA MGN280 rules, and be coded for commercial offshore sailing. Regina Laska does fulfil all safety rules for crossing the Bay of Biscay and thus I can offer this type of offshore sailing.




Depending on the weather, we might follow the charming coast of Cornwall or head down to Brittany or possibly commence the three days and night long leg to Galicia directly. Weather will dictate when we start the crossing over the Bay of Biscay. Time permitting, we will then have a couple of days enjoying the wonderful scenic coast of northwest Spain.




The crossing will follow careful planning to avoid any hard weather, for which the Bay of Biscay has gotten its reputation. Weather routing and weather planning will play a major part of this leg, using all means of support, both from onshore weather routers, onboard weather routing software and satellite communication to ensure a safe crossing.

The leg ends in Portosin, Spain, from where there is a short bus ride to the famous town of Santiago de Compostela.

Price: EUR 1950 per person including all food consumed onboard, harbour fees, diesel etc