Leg 5/2024


16 – 29 June:    In the Wake of Commissar Dupin 



This is a fun trip requested by some previous guests who enjoy to watch the German crime series “Kommissar Dupin“. M. Dupin is a detective from Paris living in Concarneau on the south coast of Bretagne. 



This two weeks leg will start in Lorient and end in La Rochelle, both easily reached by the fast Train TGV from Paris. We will take it really easy and visit the most beautiful places along the coast, which happen to be venues of crime, according to the series. 

We can watch the series onboard with our beamer and then try to find as many places in real.

It’s nothing more but a good reason to visit beautiful places along the coast. You don’t even need to like the series in order to enjoy the trip…!


Some of the places we stumbled into on our Bretagne cruise last year. So this is when the idea was born since there were hardly any more beautiful places chosen by the director of the series to feature crime. Let’s see how many we can find! 


This is where Commissar Dupin lives in the series.

This is where a victim fell out of the top balcony and died in front of Commissar Dupin who peacefully sat in the caffe to the left enjoying the morning.

Regina Laska in the Avant Port du Le Palais, where a lot of strange things are going on….

Belle Ile where also some people had to die…


This is the beach where Commisar Dupin takes his morning swim or when he needs to cool down when he has problems with some women who all tend to fall in love with him…


The police office of Commissar Dupin is the tourist office in real.



Price: EUR 3,995 per person including all food consumed onboard, harbour fees, diesel etc.  plus visits to restaurants and pubs.