Leg 8/2024

1 – 8 September:  La Coruna – Portosin: A relaxed holiday cruise along an outstanding coastline!

This is the perfect leg if you feel respect and possibly some fear for the sea and waves. While it is one of these “let’s just enjoy life and go cruising” legs, we will also stretch the borders and stick our nose out of the sheltered Rías and experience the edge of the Atlantic. 

Leg 8-2024 starts in La Coruña (background). We will wait for a good weather window for the Costa da Morte and, in the mean time, cruise the Rías Altas in vicinity

Costa da Morte can look so different. Here, dramatic around the Faro de Cabo Vilán, Camariñas…

…or here along the same Costa da Morte inside the Ria de Camarinas

I have sailed many times in this area and never stop finding new great places to eat out or to anchor. One can spend months in the Rías and I have done so every year during the last couple of years. 

It will be the perfect mix for a relaxed holiday with enough thrill to call it a special memory! 

If you read German, feel free to read my article in YACHT on this fantastic coast! 


Great anchoring close to our starting point in La Coruna, Ria de Ferrol


Following the Portuguese Trades, passing the Costa de la Morte (“Death Coast”), continuing rounding Cape Finisterre (“The end of the known world” for the Romans) and some offshore sailing with Atlantic feeling will, nevertheless, spice the exploring of the protected Rías (deep cutting bays of Galicia) with a slight hint of adventure, but no more than a dash of excitement. 


Along the Costa da Morte we might be able to anchor in the shelter of Illa Sisargas, which is a thrilling anchorage!

The Punta Nariga, also along Costa da Morte

Estrella Galicia is brewed in La Coruna and my favourite!

You can see how one can enjoy an Estrella Galicia coming freshly brewed from the copper tanks hanging from teh ceiling in La Coruna.

Scallops is the symbol for the Camino de Santiago, the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostella just inside the Ria da Muros.

Freshly grilled scallops and some local Albarino wine. What else do you need?

The pimentos de Padron, the green small peppers come from the small town Padrón in Galicia.






Muros just past Cape Finisterre.

Sailing in Galicia with the mussel farms in the background

Anchored outside La Coruna




Price: EUR 2,485 per person including all food consumed onboard, harbour fees, diesel etc.  plus visits to restaurants and pubs.


Looking out from the empty beach of Portosin. Not many tourists in Galicia.

Galicia is tidal, but without any major currents.