Leg 9, 10, 11/2024

9-2024: 11 – 18 Sept:  Portosin – Portosin: A relaxed holiday cruise!

10-2023: 21 – 25 Sept:  Portosin – Portosin: A relaxed holiday cruise!

11-2023: 29 Sept – 6 Oct:  Portosin – Portosin or La Coruna: A relaxed holiday cruise!


This is one of these “let’s just enjoy life and go cruising” legs with the option to learn.

It’s all up to you: At times, no teaching, no upwind sailing, now big distances to make, just plain holiday cruising. At other times, you will practice what you have learnt on your Yachtmaster Offshore theory course

I have sailed many times in this area and never stop finding new great places to eat out or to anchor. One can spend months in the Rías and I have done so every year during the last couple of years. 

It is a relaxing leg where we also can visit the islands consisting of the natural reserve of Galicia. Regina Laska has a permit to enter and anchor and visit the islands since safety and competence of the skipper fulfils the necessary requirements.

It will be the perfect mix for a relaxed holiday with enough thrill to call it a special memory! 

If you read German, feel free to read my article in YACHT on this fantastic coast! 










Cruising into the Ria de Pontevedra, on our way to Combarro

Reginasailing has a permit to visit the natrual reserves in Galicia. Here Islas Cies

Lonley anchorage on Illas de Cies which is a natural reserve, where you need a permit to anchor

Bayona in the south of the Ria Baixas is normally our turning point. Photo taken from the Fortaleza de Monterreal

Ria de Arousa is the biggest Ria which per se is a fantastic cruising ground. Here: Praia Cornas close to Palmeira, with loads of mussel farms in the background.

Regina Laska sailing through a narrow passage which mainly only the local fishermen take. If you know your way, it’s a great short-cut into one of the Rias through the stones.

Las Islas Cíes

Rias Baixas are so beatiful!

Isla Jidoiro Areoso in the Ria de Arousa on a busy summer’s week-end. Sailing in September, it will never become so crowded!

Sardines and octopus on the BBQ in Combarro, Ria de Pontevedra

Illa da Ons with Ria de Pontevedra in the background. This is also a natural reserve.

Regina Laska anchored off Isla Cíes, which is a natural reserve.









Price: EUR 2,485 (Leg 9 & 11), EUR 1,775 (Leg 10)  per person including all food consumed onboard, harbour fees, diesel etc


Some brave children going into the fresh water.


Yoga on Illa Ons.





Galicia is tidal, but without any major currents.