Kurt Cortier




“To me, sailing on Regina Laska with Leon meant a seven days and seven nights blend of:
– To sail, cruise, enjoy life at sea
– To do,  learn and experience new applications
– To listen, watch, feel,  smell, taste and discover a new way of life

“Leon is a wonderful person, skipper, host, ‘compagnon de route’  and coach.

“Hands-on navigation and routing with respect for the elements, other vessels and mariners.

“Regina Laska offers security and protection, a home in the harbour as well as at sea.

“I loved the week at sea during our – as we called it – ‘experience-leg’. We had choppy seas, tidal overfalls, water turbulence and jetties, fog at night, wind-gusts… yes, we had it all and learnt how to deal with it!

“The atmosphere on board was great.

“Thank you Leon, Jenny, Mattias and Anita! I hope to sail  together again next year onboard Regina Laska! For sure, I wish to come again!

Kurt Cortier, Belgium, sailing Leg 5-2015 Lymington (The Solent, England) – Dublin