Ludvig Olsson




“I have had the privilege of sailing with Leon and Regina Laska two times and I will definitely be back for more as soon as possible!




“After my last trip on Regina Laska, I got so inspired by Leon that I have since bought an own boat to spend more time on the water. Nevertheless, there is something very special about sailing with Leon and his wonderful Regina Laska. Therefore, I keep returning to join Leon, despite me now owning a boat of my own.




“Leon is not only an outstanding teacher in all aspects of sailing, he is also an incredibly warm, open hearted and a very generous man, one of the best you could ever meet! He does not only teach sailing, but inspire you to an entire new lifestyle of sailing, I have not known before.



“With Leon I have experienced spring tides of 6 meters on the coast of Scotland, strong winds and rough sea on the crossing of the North Sea, but even though I have a huge respect for the ocean, I have always felt very safe in the presence of Leon and all his knowledge. Leon has helped med to overcome my own fear of night sailing and open ocean crossing by his strict principles of never putting his boat or its crew in any situation, which cannot be handled.







“I have been inspired by Leon to spread a similar sense of safety and well-being when I now have my own family and friends onboard by new boat. I also try to spread and pass on the wonderful sailing lifestyle in comfort, safety and style, as Leon himself puts it himself.”

Ludvig Olsson, Sweden, crossing the North Sea on Leg 9-2015 from Lerwick (Shetland) to Stavanger (Norway) via Outskerries, Bergen and the beautiful Fjords of Norway