Anna Kawa Testimonial



Did I suffer from seasickness? Yes, I did.
Were there moments when I wanted to go back home? Yes, there were.
Did I feel cold and tired? Yes, I did.
Would I do it again? YES, I would!
Interestingly, all my health issues were gone when I got to one of the very beautiful places.
Fair Isle was stunning and I felt overwhelmed by its beauty! For me, it was one of the most beautiful and mystical places I have ever seen.

Leon has a mission: The mission is to show people that sailing can be a way of life, not only way for spending free time.
But Be careful! A cruise with Leon can be the beginning of huge change in your life :-)

Anna Kawa, Poland, Sailing Leg3-2014 from Shetland via Fair Isle and Orkney to mainland Scotland