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Cruising in Safety, Comfort and Style


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Sail training on Regina Laska

RYA Competent Crew, RYA Day Skipper Tidal, RYA Coastal Skipper Tidal, RYA Yachtmaster Prep Courses, RYA Ocean Qualifying legs, The Hallberg-Rassy Experience, Tidal Milage Gaining - all onboard the safe, comfortable and stylish HR46 REGINA LASKA
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Charter Sailing on Regina Laska

Highly custom-oriented cruising legs for total newcomers to ocean sailors. Try out blue water sailing, gain miles or just enjoy a pleasant leg in the archipelago, exploring exciting destinations for an unforgettable holiday.
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High-End Bare Boat Charter

Skipper your own fine yacht, immaculately maintained and equipped by owners, who love their boats as much as you do. These owners offer their yachts to experienced and careful sailors.
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Refitting your HR

Trust our experience when refitting your Hallberg-Rassy. A refit project is a complex matter comprising refurbishment, update and upgrade. We offer the management and organization for a refit - ranging from small improvements to a total refit.
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LED Light Design

Replace your old lighting with a modern LED lighting that provides a feeling of space, coziness and warmth while saving power at the same time
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Hallberg-Rassy's for sale

Hallberg-Rassy boats have a lasting value. By the taste of many of sailors, classic Hallberg-Rassy’s are no less attractive than the current model range. Here are some boats I would buy, if I had not already had one myself.
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In the press

Some articles on refit, cruising and bluewatersailing written by me.
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The Books

New book announced: How to get your spouse onboard. I'm currently collecting stories for the new book. Wish to share YOUR story?
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News and events

There is nothing like meeting in person. Listen to one of my talks at boatshows or just pass by to chat about cruising in safety, comfort and style.

Unlike most other yachts offered for charter, Regina Laska is coded by the MCA. Cruising in Safety, Comfort and Style is a commitment, where Safety plays the major roll.

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