Many visited Regina Laska at Open Yard 2013

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A testimonial of a huge interest in refitting a classic boat

Not to compete with  new-boat production, Regina Laska was not shown at the actual exhibition in the Hallberg-Rassy harbour, where only boats still in productions were shown (not all of them brand new, I noticed). Regina Laska was therefore shown at the adjacent official guest harbor of Ellös. Despite the short walk from the actual exhibition venue to the guest harbour, I had a constant crowd of people onboard, who had heard that I would be in Ellös during the show.
I was told that fewer boats were exhibited this year and that definitely a declining number of people had made it to the main show this year. My experience was not the same: I had far more visitors than I could ever have imagined! Possibly, also the two recent articles about the refit project in Yachting World/August and Yachting World/September helped gaining publicity, but I am not sure. It seemed more like a genuine interest in taking care of classic boats.

During the show, I heard voices that these classic Hallberg-Rassy’s were the “true blue water cruisers” with ample storage space and ventilation along the entire hull sides, for instance. These classic boats still have useful cupboards in the saloon, so important for storage, while newer boats have instead given space to the fashionable windows in the hull. Especially the wood-work on Regina Laska was admired by visitors, e.g. the beautiful frames around the hatches, which, on these boats, are still made of mahogany. Some commented the beautiful elegant lines of a HR46. But my best feed-back came in an e-mail the day after the show: “In our view, your boat was  the most beautiful and – in our eyes – the one we would have loved to buy the most. We could not see any other boat at the show we would have liked more!

It was so much fun to also welcome the men and women from Orust, who have been working on the refit project. The party was on all night long and we celebrated together. I overheard one of the boatbuilders explaining to a friend of his: “This project was the most fun I have ever worked on and Leon is the customer I have enjoyed the most to work with!” Should I be so humble, not to mention it on a web-page? No, I can’t resist! Because I can say exactly the same: The refit-team has the best working atmosphere imaginable and I am proud and happy that I am allowed to be part of it. Thank you!

Further to the voices of sailors and boatbuilders, I was equally honored to have not only the Swedish press on board, which wanted to look at the sauna, but also to see the designers, CEO’s and owners of renown yards paying a visit at Regina Laska. It was a special honor to welcome Pelle Pettersson onboard, who is just about to work on a new 37-design under the MAXI-brand. I welcomed the top management of Delphia, who have aquired MAXI, as well as the Arcona yard. Faurby from Denmark came to see Regina Laska and Oyster had five of their key persons looking at my boat. It couldn’t be more overwhelming!

They all paid a visit to get inspired by the new technology I have integrated in a classic boat. A special interest was shown to the LED technology I have built into Regina Laska and the light design that provide the special atmosphere onboard. The space and volume that is created into the boat thanks to the lights received a lot of appreciation. “Activity oriented lighting” is what I call it, where you can build cozy atmosphere in one corner of the saloon, while working light is required at other places.

The feed-back from the industry was no less warming than the appreciation I got from sailors.  A big thank you to all of you!

My problem is now really not to convince the market about the idea of refitting a fine classic yacht, with all its benefits. My problem is rather the lack of second hand boats suitable for refitting on the market!

But before you decide what you really need, come and spend a charter week on Regina Laska to gain experience and make up your own mind!


Pelle Pettersson (in orange) was one of my guests I was welcoming onboard, here studying the LED-light design of Regina Laska.
Always a lot of people on Regina Laska until late at night - long after the show closed, celebrating our joint joy of working together
Guests trying the sauna at the show. After the first skeptical voices: I don't know anyone who has tried the steam sauna, who doesn't like it! It's such a great treat after a long cold day at sea
The steam Spa in the cockpit always gains an extra amount of publicity.
It was nice to take some time to discuss choice of boats and my forthcoming sail training adventures of next year. Before committing to a new boat, many customers wish to obtain first-hand experience in sailing a true blue-water cruiser and plan to join a charter-week on Regina Laska.