Take Yachtmaster Theory in sunny Malta


RYA Yachtmaster Theory course
Next availability: Spring 2023



The RYA Yachtmaster Theory course in Malta gives you the necessary theoretical knowledge in order to join a practical RYA Yachtmaster Prep course including the actual exam later during the year 


The RYA-System is the most popular sail training programme in the world. RYA students appreciate the hands-on approach and practical-oriented teaching method. The easy to understand lessons are all applied to real-life everyday sailing and thus contain highly useful knowledge. This is not only valid for the practical courses at sea, but to a very high degree also applicable for theory courses on shore.

In other words: You learn what you really do use while going sailing!


Spinola Bay (left) and Baluta Bay (centre) forming the scenery of the theory courses in Malta.


Reginasailing now offers its renown courses and fun while learning in a relaxed atmosphere on the pleasantly sunny Mediterranean island. Meet spring and combine learning with a holiday on Malta!



Night view of Spinola Bay as seen from the Restaurant Zest, where we have our final dinner celebrating our success.


Spinola Bay with of the restaurants we visit along the quayside

The entrance to the welcoming Restaurant Zest.

The Corinthia Marina Hotel, where the course is held


.The overall goal of the course is to explain complex issues with a holistic approach and in an easy to understand way. It is thus always my personal ambition that there will enough room for questions, discussions and repetition.




The RYA Yachtmaster shore-based course is ideal if you plan to participate on a Reginasailing Yachtmaster Prep course with RYA Yachtmaster Exam later during the year. But obviously, it is also possible to just participate at the theory course without having any ambitions regarding a Yachtmaster exam and just enjoy learning in a small group together with other nice people.



Students enjoying the Maltese sunshine during a coffee break.


The subjects are as wide as they are important and interesting. Some examples of the hands-on subjects: Tidal Navigation, Navigation in Fog, Buoyage, Lights, GPS and Plotters, World Weather, Rules of the Road, Fire Safety, Distress Signals, Man Overboard, Helicopter Rescue, Passage Planning, Stability etc.


Students concentrating on chartwork for tidal waters

The knowledge you gain during the course is highly beneficial when you do anything from bare boat chartering to cruising on your own boat. At the end of the course you will be able to prepare a passage plan, which is one of the pieces you need to hand in to an RYA Yachtmaster examiner, should you target the Yachtmaster Exam in the future.

For more information on the syllabus, see here.



The course combines a pleasant holiday in the Maltese sun with interesting lectures about sailing and voyaging at sea and helpful exercises for you to practice on charts. But please do not compare this to any form of old fashioned “school”! This is all for fun and we do this together as a group, expanding our joint knowledge on sailing, boats and navigation, enjoying our time together asking and answering questions about our passion: Sailing! This is valid for the course itself, as well as during pleasant evening dinners, sharing experiences, plans and dreams.


An evening at Picolo Padre close by

An evening at the Royal Malta Yacht Club. The sail training week is just as well a social event where we gain from each others’ experiences and enjoy the company.

Thanks to my contacts, we can enjoy a dinner at the Royal Malta Yacht Club and its pleasant atmosphere and great food.


It might be of special interest to some that while the course is held in English, subjects can also be explained in German. Therefore, this course is especially popular amongst German speaking sailors from Switzerland, Austria and Germany where you get a chance to brush up your English at the same time!


Coures date:

The dates:

  • Next available Yachtmaster Theory course: Spring 2023. Exact date TBA.

Length of course:

  • 40 hours of tuition plus homework plus assessment.
    Depending on your pre-course knowledge, this would mean 6-7 days in Malta.

Number of participants:

In order to grant the exclusive character and an individual and efficient learning experience, the number of participants have been limited to around eight students.

Price for the course:

EUR 1.030 p.p. plus travel, food and hotel
Price includes course notes, training and exercise booklet, training charts, assessment test,  RYA certificate for the RYA Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster Shorebased course.
Please bring: pencil, eraser, colour pens, notebook, divider, course plotter


We will stay at the Corinthia Marina Hotel, which is an equally pleasant hotel, offering excellent service and 4-star standard. Reginasailing rooms are all with sea-view.  The Hotel is situated directly by the sea and offers great opportunities for combining your RYA theoretical sail training course with holiday.

Standard single room (prices for 2019): EUR 115 per night including breakfast
Standard double room(prices for 2019): EUR 125 per night including breakfast



Lunches are planned, but not necessarily, to be enjoyed jointly. Some wish to have a lunch break on their own, which is fine. Often lunches are great fun, I must admit,  joining in for more talks about our joint sailing dreams…

We normally order lunch during the first coffee break and then it is all prepared for us on the sunny terrace overlooking the sea.


Lunch on the sunny terrace of the Marina Corinthia Hotel.


Coffee breaks are offered for EUR 5.00 pp and break, including coffee, tea, biscuits and homemade cake or fruit salad. We can decide later what services we wish to take advantage of.  

Nights are spent freely or jointly, all depending on our mood and desire day by day. I can definitely recommend a visit to Valletta and enjoy the fantastic atmosphere of this European Capital of Culture 2018.




Malta is one of the easiest places to fly to from all over Europe. Air Malta, Lufthansa, Ryanair are just a few of the many airlines that fly into Malta several times per day.


The final dinner at the award winning restaurant Zest


An RYA shore-based sail training course with Reginasailing in Malta is certainly something very special, situated in a venue so maritime and so stunning! Combining learning the theory behind cruising in Safety, Comfort and Style in a positive atmosphere and enjoying a couple of days of holiday in an extraordinary environment is what this week is about.


It is important to come well prepared to the course. For more information on the curriculum and suggested books to read and study prior the course, see here. While most subjects will be gone through and explained in the course, at the very minimum please study the Collision Regulations (ColRegs) prior to the course.

Show your interest already now:

It’s still some time to go until March 2020, but bookings are coming in quickly. I advise you to book early, especially if you consider taking your Yachtmaster onboard Regina Laska in the future.

Please contact me, preferably including some short information about yourself, if you are interested to participate in one of the upcoming theory courses.

What previous participants say: 

"The real benefit of the course was the team chemistry created by Leon. The Yachtmaster theory course in Malta brought together very different characters of sailors at all levels to produce a fun, motivated, always open and helpful crew that guided itself through long working hours of navigational calculations, rather monotonous ColRegs and different aspects of passage planning – never leaving behind the slower ones and always with a good joke at hand. As a consequence, I signed up for the first possible opening as crew on Regina Laska. I look forward to the next steps." Click here to read more

Christoph Lussi, Germany, taking the RYA Yachtmaster-Theory-Course in Malta 2019

"It was a very intensive week in Malta. Adding essential knowledge and skills to my, until then, basic and rudimentary sailing education was really a challenge to me. It was interesting to see how everybody was ambitious to pass the test and it was Leon´s personal merit to form a group of people, who didn't know each other before, to become study-teams where all were interested in heightening their own skills." Click here to read more

Achim Helmenstein, Cologne/Germany, Cranchi Endurance33 Motorboat owner on Mallorca, taking the RYA Yachtmaster-Theory-Course in Malta 2018

"Leon is a great teacher. He always started with the concepts. Understanding the concepts helped me when I did not get a detail- I just went back up to the concept and worked it through. His personal observations on my learning style greatly supported the learning process. Light touch yet remarkable. I was very impressed and surprised with how much I learnt and how my confidence and interest grew. I worked hard all week and enjoyed every minute."

Sandra Morson, Scotland, HR40 owner, taking the Yachtmaster Theory course in Malta 2018

"Leon is simply wonderful. I have passed the Yachtmaster theory assessment already when I arrived in Malta, but felt that my understanding of the subject was academic rather than working knowledge that can be applied actively at sea. Leon’s fun, interactive teaching style changed that. On his courses, the learning stays with you after you have left the classroom. Plus, he has the patience of a saint. Every question from each student was answered thoughtfully, in comfort and style, of course. Thank you, Leon!" Click here to see some photos

Carol Wu, Hongkong, taking the Yachtmaster Theory course in Malta 2018

"Despite Leon’s colourful examples and very patient attempts to clarify things, I felt frustrated and limited in my basic knowledge. I was very grateful for the patience shown by Leon and other members in the class when I needed to go back over something simple. While Leon clearly provides you with the academic “tools” to use, his real gift in presenting this course is in his manner of leading the many discussions, providing relevant personal examples with his trademark enthusiasm and drawing out personal experiences from his students so that your learning is reinforced. So, in hindsight, I learnt far more than I initially thought." Click here to read full story

Cyndy Moncrieff, Australia, taking the RYA Yachtmaster Theory Course in Malta.

"Leon passed on the huge amount of intense matter with great enthusiasm, giving us students so much fun and we laughed a lot! Leon’s vast experience and his stories constantly kept us attentive. The session on meteorology was phenomenal. Both the pro's (there were two Lufthansa airline pilots amongst us) and the amateurs were impressed by how clearly and vividly Leon brings meteorology to life. I would like to highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning about sailing, navigation and seamanship in a highly pleasant atmosphere.
" Click here to read full story

Ralf Gude, Germany, taking the RYA Yachtmaster Theory Course in Malta

"II participated in an intensive learning week, doing the RYA yacht master prep-course in Malta. Leon teaches in a relaxed and easy to follow way. It was fun, also because our group was working together very well. We were laughing a lot during this week and that 
is the most important thing. 
For me, I can say, that my first step for navigating in tidal waters is now done! I`m looking forward to do the second step in summer by sailing in Scotland with Leon onboard Regina Laska.
" Click here to read full story

Ludwig Obermeier, Germany, taking the RYA Yachtmaster Theory Course in Malta

"This is a real "crash course" and the "fast lane" in sailing theory. A really realistic and hands-on way of learning! I had lots of fun doing it, and sticking to Leon, who repeated over and over again: It's all about understanding! I do not quite understand how Leon is doing this, but he probably chooses his students carefully, since I was only surrounded by very smart, open-minded, international and very warm-hearted people, which made me feel so comfortable right away!" Click here to read full story

Julia Pukelsheim, Germany

"If you wish to learn navigation and laugh at the same time, take a course with Leon!"

Kajsa Lemby, Sweden, owning HR31 "Bikkuri"

"During this RYA theory course in Malta, we could get a glance of the friendly way of learning! A course, where learning was made so easy and gave so much joy! All participants were wonderful people and I think this has lead up to friendship for life! A crash course for some and a good repetition for others. And all this embedded in a great holiday-feeling in the sunshine!" Click here to read full story

Stefan Graf zu Dohna, Germany

"I must confess: Maths is not one of my favourite subjects so I was afraid this theory course would be tough on me. However, Leon’s sensitivity against my very modest love for Maths was encouraging and I never got that ugly feeling of ‘not being smart enough’. It was so nice to solve all Maths problems in such a ‘relaxed’ way!" Click here to read full story

Esther Leuenberger, Switzerland

"The RYA shore-based training course in Malta was a fantastic week. Leon is a great teacher with profound knowledge as well as the best inspirer on sailing I have ever met so far! You could virtually feel the daily increasing desire by all participants to sail more!" Click here to read full story

Achim Schindler, Germany, HR43 owner

"Leon’s way of delivering this RYA course by taking just a small group of no more than 8 students and to gather these on Malta was so spot on! I really enjoyed the fact the course was so full of great true stories taken from the real world packed with Leon’s vast sailing experience. Therefore, the theory felt so hands-on and practical and 'un-theoretical'" Click here to read full story

Christian Pukelsheim, Germany

"It was so exciting to learn with Leon that I felt uplifted into a new dimension. We all become so energized and motivated to learn more and more about sailing and Leon’s easy to understand way of explaining and his unbeatable entertaining “story telling hours” helped us to come so close to our dreams that we could almost touch them! Anything suddenly seemed possible and nothing undoable, you just have to follow your heart and live your dreams!" Click here to read full story

Marianne Karlsen, Switzerland, owning a J/88
For more information on the syllabus and suggested books, see here.